Monday, October 14, 2013

Review and Commentary on 'The Hard Light Adventure' For Stars Without Number Or Your Old School Space Opera

Get It Right Over

Hard Light is the very first adventure for Stars Without Number and it basically useful as  both a solid adventure as well as kit for constructing future SWN adventures. 
The book clocks in at thirty six pages and puts the PC's right into one very harsh and alien environment right off the bat.
According To Rpg Geeks:
"The first adventure setting for the Stars Without Number role-playing game, Hard Light provides Starfarers with details of the Brightside Mining Outpost, a fragile bastion of humanity amid the radioactive glare of the red giant Perdurabo.
This module also includes details on three of the ancient alien sky tombs embedded in the dark asteroids of the Outer Rim, and an included set of mini-geomorphs and random generation guidelines for creating still more of these time-lost alien crypts."

Hardlight Adventure For
Your Old School Space Opera 

Hardlight has a bit of everything in thirty six pages, ancient alien races, incredibly well thought out adventure and a plot that not only sees a rebellion on the Brightside Mining Outpost but the possibility of two ancient alien races being resurrected.
The adventure doesn't go into the implications of this but instead allows the DM to make his own details about this to his universe.
Since Stars Without Numbers can be used with many of the retroclones currently on the market. This adventure has lots of potential for campaign building in many old school science fiction campaigns.
 Highly recommended. Kevin Crawford did a great job with this one. 

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