Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Pay What You'd Like 'Bag of Holding Stars Without Number Deal!

My buddy Bill over at Green Skeleton Gaming Guild clued me in on this great deal!
Right over

Get your SWN action right over
 For the next three days you can get almost entire run of Stars Without Number including a brand new book Called 
RELICS OF THE LOST! This run includes such titles as pdfs of the main Stars Without Numbers Mongoose rulebook, The Skyward Steel book(everything you ever wanted to know about space battles in the world of SWN),  The SWN  Post Apocalyptic goodness of Other Dust and finally Relics of the Lost! book cover
What is Relics Of The Lost? 

This new, never-before-published 32-page supplement is currently available ONLY in the Bundle of Holding. Don't expect to see it anywhere else for at least a month!
Relics of the Lost fills the forgotten pre-Scream cities and time-lost Mandate orbitals of your SWN campaign with plunder from the Second Wave of human colonization, an era long dead: new (or newly exhumed) weapons, armor, robots, pretech domestic devices, and chemical stims. Not all of these devices are equally useful, and some are directly hazardous to the unwary explorer, but all of them have some quality to attract the curious adventurer.
These relics are also fully compatible with Other Dust. Readers with a fondness for other old-school gaming systems will find them cross-compatible with most of them, and a source of exotic "foreign magic" for adventurers caught in some science-fantasy crossover.Here's how it works 

Stars Without Number books worth US$57

But we let you set your own price (minimum US$4) for two .PDFs: the complete 253-page Stars Without Number: Core Edition rulebook from Sine Nomine Publishing (US$20 value) and its 59-page supplement for Stellar Navy campaigns, Skyward Steel. And if you pay more than the current average price shown below, you'll receive two bonusgames and supplements: the brand-new, never-before-published Relics of the Lost and the complete companion RPG Other Dust, a free-standing post-apocalyptic sandbox you can easily slip into a SWN campaign. It's everything you need for a complete campaign, whether on a devastated world or across the wide-open frontier of sandbox space.
Bundle of Holding titles are always absolutely free of DRM, so you can move and copy them freely among all your tablets, laptops, and smartphones.
And if we happen to add other titles to the Stars Without Number Bundle after launch, you'll receive them automatically on your download page. Never worry about missing a book!
All of this is going to great cause. Ten percent of your payment is split between two fine causes selected by Stars Without Number designer Kevin Crawford: the Friends of the Historical Archive of Cologne and the Benzie Food Partners, Inc. food bank, which serves Kevin's home county in Michigan.


  1. I wasn't the first to post about it on the interwebs, I think Tenkar's Tavern beat me to the punch, but its too good of a deal to not spread the word about, I think he added Darkness Visible to the mix today!

  2. Darkness Visible is one of my all time favorites!
    Fantastic resource for SWN Bill! Just trying to do my part to help spread the word man!


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