Thursday, October 17, 2013

A 70's Sci fi Inspired Beta Max Black Stars Without Number Campaign - Actual Play Tonight's Space Battle Out Side Reality! Stars Without Numbers Campaign

File:1967. Спутник неземной цивилизации.jpg
 A third 'Capital Class ship showed up last week!
Details available right over
The PC's have been caught in a three way desperate battle between two Capital class Battle Ships!
 The Thark Nation and the following message came through!
'The Nations of the Thark Empires Descent upon you!"
There wasn't an instant as the weapons cut through realities with a fury that made space around  them crackle with energy.

Meanwhile the Martian Alliance dealt with damage and no one gave a thought to the slave shipment on board. Except the PC's and they began do boarding actions even in the midst of the fire fight!

Which brings up to tonight's game where the PC's are fighting to get out from the gravity well and spacial distortion created by the space battle!
 The PC's at this point are hoping to make a recovery on this spot after the battle is over for some awesome booty left behind as decks get ripped apart, NPC's get 'space flushed' and things get more desperate for the opposition.
So their going to drop a bouy and help where they can.
Meantime here's a table from tonight's game.

Another 1d10 1970's Sci Fi Movie  Inspired Random Treasure Table

  1. Half burnt up Stellar Converter unit 1000 credits 
  2. A ion pulse engine off a tie fighter set up 200 credits 
  3. A bunch of random cubits and credits 104 credits worth 
  4. A set of free floating crystals used in a laser sword 70 credits 
  5. A pyi crystal matrix used by Sleestacks very old 500 credits 
  6. An android arm from a Rem unit 40 credits 
  7. A death mask from a 'Carousel' rite 200 credits very rare. 
  8. An android head from the early 20th century 120 credits 
  9. A free hand mover for up to three tons 3000 credits 
  10. An Imperial shuttle a bit carbon scored up but otherwise in good shape. 40000 credits on the black market 

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