Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Agents of Shield And Age of Ultron Teaser Trailer Review and Speculation For Your Old School Super Hero Campaign

So this just hit the internet last night and its about to get really interesting on Agents of Shield. Will there be a tie in and a bit of foreshadowing on tonight or next week's show. Can our agents get out of their own way and begin to actually be a competent set of agents? Seems to me like things are going to be heating up on the old show tonight.


 We've already seen the impact that the Alien invasion from the Avengers has had on Earth. Possibly a larger technological foot print then Apple has had in the last two to five years with introduction of the Iphone.

Everything from free standing holograms, three dimensional projectors, to incredible advances in bio tech, nano tech, gamma tech, fusion, fission, m theory, and more.
And now A.I.
 But not just any A.I. but one of the main bads from the 1970's.

Speculations are running rampid on the interwebz about some of the following :

Remember the following aren't spoilers they're merely the internet speculating 

  • Is Agent Coulson 'The Vision'? 
  • Which Ultron will this be? The Ultimates one, something akin out of the 70's, or the creation of Tony Stark? 
  • What will be the tie in with Thor Dark World and will Loki be taking a hand in this one? 
  • Will our intrepid Agents be having a cameo in this film?
     Will they even be alive by then?

This is where we see a lot of foreshadowing of the big bads for many campaigns.
Could it be possible to use a Ultron in your Marvel Super Hero inspired campaign?
Everything you need to know about him can be found on Wiki right over

There was a very nice overview of him for the Marvel Super Heroes in the Gamers Handbooks Of The Marvel Universe. But the problem is that those haven't been updated in quite some time however is that really a problem?
Right over

Actually its an opportunity for a DM to basically take the ultron technology from another era and drop it right into their campaign. Suddenly, that Iphone gambit becomes an adventure hook.
Easy, simple, and happy gaming. 

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