Wednesday, October 16, 2013

News On "The Dark Vistor" Old School Science Fiction Adventure By James Ward And Chris Clark

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So we've got new information on Dark Visitor from Eldrith Enterprises!
According to James Ward on Facebook today :
"I am so proud of this upcoming product from Eldritch Enterprises. Chris Clark and I teamed up to write this and it turned out amazing. We are hoping to get it out just before Christmas. I will post more when it is up for sale." 

"Dark Vistor"  is the follow up to the rather cool and dangerous old school space adventure 'Dark Outpost' by James M. Ward put out recently. This adventure has ground more then a few friend's PC's into space dust. 

If Dark Vistor picks up like Dark Outpost then your PC's are in serious trouble. 
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Dark Outpost has been my go to convention style OSR science fiction rpg module for a long while now with large and small groups of players.
The plot goes something like this: 
"Dark Outpost is a generic science fiction adventure set aboard a spacestation in geosynchronous orbit above a small class-M planet. This massive station, built by robots and crewed by automated machines, is the pride of the galactic fleet, and the hope of those that will colonize the planet below.  But something has gone wrong.
Nearly a month ago, all communications from the outpost ceased.  A patrol vessel was sent in to investigate, and it, too, was never again heard from.  Since that time the Planet Kask outpost has been known as the Dark Outpost. 
Have you the courage to explore its mystery?"

If this one follows the tracks laid down in the previous adventures then your looking at a very nasty and solidly laided down adventure that can be used with any of the science fiction or science fantasy retro clones on the market.
I've used this one twice with Stars Without Numbers and X plorers. The results were not pretty as the PC's killed themselves over and over. Can't wait to grab this one folks!
 You can read more of the wit and wisdom of James Over at his blog

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