Monday, October 14, 2013

The Free OSR Resource Monstrous Tome Volume #2 From Dragon's Foot - For Use With Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaigns

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The Blurb From Dragon's Foot : 
Over a hundred new monsters to add to your AD&D games, drive fear into the hearts of your players with new demons, dragons, giants and other original monsters.

This is sort of the big league book for the Dragon's foot monsters and there are over 112 pages of old school hard core monsters in this one and they're perfect for planar and other dimensional adventures.  Change em a bit and add these to your favorite old school science fantasy game as 'Alien Lifeforms' or 'Dimensional Intruders' then drop em on your party of adventurers! 
We've got Astral Wryms, Brain Dissolvers, new demons, demonsaurs, a butt load of new devils, new dragons, seven new golems, kender, LUKATHER (Demigod) “Lord of the Insane”,the MACRONID hordes, NECROTROLLs, all the way to ZUBNIK...

Using 'Book of Beings For Your
 Old School Space Opera 

 Using this should be a snap. These guys can be added to any space wreck and instant bad day encounter for the party. The monsters are interesting and a bit original with a very weird balance of critters who can ruin any spacer or adventurer's day. Serious use these guys with some caution they can be a bit on the powerful and more then slightly dangerous side. 


  1. Your welcome, 'knobgobbler'. I've used this set of monsters before back about a year ago and they nearly caused a total TKP situation then. Thanks for the comment and I've got more coming up.


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