Thursday, October 10, 2013

Commentary And Review on Suns of Gold For Stars Without Number

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Tonight I got a chance to look through a friend's copy of Suns of Gold. This is a book that I've been looking to get my hands on and even more so now.
The book is the Stars without Numbers book on merchants and so much more.
This is a big book for what it offers and packs a lot of material into eighty one pages believe it or not.
According to Drivethrurpg : 
They are merchants, thieves, grifters, saviors and worse. They roam the untamed void to bring the wealth of foreign worlds to their customers, trading in the treasures of half a hundred worlds for the sake of riches beyond human imagination. You will find them in dirty starport dives, in the palaces of lostworlder kings, and in the gleaming towers of their corporate palaces. They are the far traders, and the treasures of the sky are theirs for the taking.
In this supplement to the free Stars Without Number sci-fi RPG, you'll find all that you need to add classic mercantile adventures to your campaign. Whether a doughty crew of adventurers just trying to keep their battered ship flying or a cabal of aspiring merchant princes who seek the control of whole sectors, the tools in this book provide a GM with everything necessary to plot a course for profit. Within these pages, you'll find...
  • Rules for buying and selling cargo between the far-flung planets
  • Guidelines for building interstellar business empires and planetary holdings
  • Trade tags and tools for giving mercantile flavor to your campaign worlds
  • Adventure templates for quickly generating a session's entertainment
  • Guides on how to establish new colony worlds to rule and exploit for profit
  • Tips and advice for running mercantile campaigns at your own table

Suns of Gold will give you everything you need to handle the commercial ambitions of your players, from short-run cargo hauls to interstellar trade empires. Unleash the forces of fearless avarice in your campaign, and seek the wealth of the skies!
Using Suns of Gold With Your Old School Space Opera
Sand box.

Bottomline this is the merchant princes book for SWN and its packed with wall to wall options for getting these theives into your games. These can be everything from merchant princes to mega corporations who compete against them.
This is a solid book full of fun and mayhem to inflict on your players and there are some story hooks that can tie these into pre scream palaces and ruins.
This is the book that echoes back to some of the stuff that Mayfair games was doing with the Stars Wars rpg game. The idea of a book connecting into a missing background hinted at in the rule book sort of thing.
I only had the book for a few moments before I had to run my game this evening but this looks exactly like the sort of book I'll need in the up coming future.
All in all a three or four out of five for running a SWN campaign.
 I really want to get my hands on this book soon for my own retro 70's science fiction campaign! 


  1. You've been doing valiant SWN blogging of late. Drop me a line at and I'll pass you a comp copy.

  2. Righteous!
    I'll take you up on that offer!
    Thanks! Cheers!


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