Friday, October 4, 2013

Saturday Morning Cartoon Sci Fi Random Space Finds Salvage Table 1d20

Saturday Morning Sci Fi Random Space Finds Table 1d20 

  1. One power rock sling shot slightly scorched but with a new band perfectly usable 
  2. A power band lots of carbon scoring and badly in need of repair but worth some to the right collector
  3. A giant robot insect carcass marked Zorack. 50 credits in scrap metal. 
  4. A mechanical wing humanoid sized more then slightly laser burned on one side. 
  5. An android monkey heavily damaged worth 400 credits 
  6. A rocket ship wreck with heavy cosmic ray contamination. 
  7. Purple Plague bomb unexploded. Very nasty contagion. Save vs disease if exposed or death with 1 hour. 
  8. Giant Space vessel sized locust belongs to Lokar King of the Killer Locusts. Collectors item 2000 credits. 
  9. Destroyed vessel belonging to the Galaxy Trio. Drive systems still good on it. 4000 credits 
  10. A table of Sleestak time crystals within a small 17th century sea man's chest. Locked chest looks almost brand new. Handling them will create reality altering effects. Hilarity ensues! 
  11. A family sized shuttle craft with some FTL capability. Capable of holding five people and a dog. 
  12. A flash frozen 6 hit point molten monster whose really pissed off if he revives! Capable of dealing 1d6 points of damage a hit. 
  13. A space coup very heavily damaged with burnt out ion drives.  FTL capable but secondary drive also needs work. Two person sport model
  14. Second stage booster rocket with NASA markings 
  15. One crispy Space Locust carcass. Tasty eating but flash frozen for now. 
  16. Dead Space Stooge Android unit with fully burned out motivator and EMP damage.
  17. Bat shuttle model #13 lots of carbon scoring and in bad need of repair.
  18. 1940's style nuclear powered rocket ship. FTL capable and equipped with tech level four weapon systems. A real curiosity. Capable of holding six crew. 
  19. Kaijui corpse alien reptile. Lots of laser eye burns and nuclear flame damage. Worth 10,000 credits to a bio weapons division of a mega corporation 
  20. Green FTL drone troop transport ship wreck. Filled with golden combat robots armed with blaster rifles markings indicate Mongo origin. 


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