Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Agents of Shield Second Episode Trailer & Some Old School Marvel Super Heroes Resources

Look I'm not going to tell you that I'm not excited about 'Agents of Shield'. I'm giving the show a far shake. 
The second trailer looks well pretty damn interesting and I'm in for a bit of a long haul to wait and see. 

Using Level Eight For Your Old School Gaming 

While Agents of Shield is going over at ABC I thought I'd share some of the resources that have appeared on the net once again.
These may contain 'Spoilers' or Not so consider yourselves warned.
The following is for 'The Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game'

Shield Section Over At Marvel Super Heroes Forever

The Dilly Green Bean Option

Available right over

G-Core offers another option to run with FASERIP.  And they offer a pretty damn fine selection  for old school super hero and agent gaming at a pretty affordable price.
They have whole other level of gaming for the super hero DM. 


  1. Don't forget Four Color System, the free FASERIP clone:


    Also, see this link for more Marvel goodness:


  2. Thanks!
    Those are great! Yeah they also work with Marvel Super Heroes cus they're the same classic old school system!
    The second set of stuff is really fantastic resources and very well put together.
    I see I'm going to have to start getting into it with another quick blog entry!


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