Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review and Commentary on Agents of Shield Episode Two

So its twelve fifty  or so and I've just come back from enjoying Agents of Shield episode two. I have to say that I actually enjoyed this one more then the first.

This episode finds them in Peru on the recovery of an artifact and some exciting action around an archaeological dig in the first part. There are several tie ins to the previous movies and some cool in jokes. The writing was tight the action interesting and there are quite a few twists and turns in this one to keep things moving. 

We actually get to see a bit of one of Stark's holo tables in action and its interesting to see some of the technology trickling in from the movies into the series already.
There's also the back vibe of technology from other worlds and the super hero past of this version of the Marvel universe changing the world.
So far this episode would make a really interesting adventure idea and we get some very interesting tie ins with what happens to all those wonderful alien toys from the Avengers movie. 

The official Site for Agents of Shield is right over
 Go and watch episode two as well. 

Things that I liked were the by play of the characters, the dialogue was tight, Agent Coulson can take a punch and deliver but there's something else going on there as well. We get a lot of set up for the series.
There are some very interesting things that have been let slip this episode. The Earth as we know it's geo political landscape has completely changed in the face of Alien invasion and super heroes. The day to day lives of secret agents and even super agents is no longer a level playing field.
This episode sets a whole new field of play for the agents and we get a glimpse into a bit of agent Coulson's past and perhaps his future.

Agents of Shield Old School Marvel Campaign 

Everything about tonight's episode was sort of like that point in an rpg game where the party finds its rhythm and strengths then draws from them.
The episode had all of the ingredients for a pretty good solid low level supers game. 
  • Weird technology and its continuing effects on the world 
  • A great set up for an adventure in an exotic local with hostile natives. 
  • An appearance by an old flame/NPC who will be showing up again. 
  • The episode played to the strengths of a set up for continuing adventures and shifting alliances. 
  • All in all this was a good solid episode and I'm all in for episode three next Tuesday. Stay tuned 
All in all this might actually make a nice set up for an updated Marvel Super Heroes game possibly set within the Marvel  Ultimates universe.  

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