Saturday, October 5, 2013

Still More 1d10 Random 1970's Inspired Sci Fi Television Finds Table For Your Old School Campaign

1d10 Random 1970's Inspired Sci Fi Inspired Television Finds Table

  1. Android hand male cybernetic companion model 60 credits 
  2. A pair of goggles alien humanoid to cut down Earth type world glare. 30 credits 
  3. A hyperdrive model from some style of saucer appears FTL capable 200 credits 
  4. Egg style hyper drive craft broken. One pilot but salvageable parts 100 credits 
  5. One broken Colonial Warrior Heavy Laser pistol  90 credits 
  6. One heavy phaser rifle with missing crystal focusing mechanism 400 credits for antique housing 
  7. A badly burned up Cylon Centurion fighter with fried up Cylon warriors. 500 credits in parts. 20% chance of ion drive still salvageable
  8. Hull of an Ark II craft with parts. 500 credits in salvage 
  9. Mongo robot warrior housing and parts 100 credits. Missing blaster rifle though.
  10. A very used hover craft with a pair of Sand men blasters within but not charged. Craft still runs  and worth 1000 credits to the right collector. 

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