Friday, October 25, 2013

The Aunturgirurg -The Spirits Of Lost Spacers For Stars Without Numbers

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The Aunturgirurg -The Spirits Of Lost Spacers
No appearing : 1d6
Armor Class : 6 
Hit Dice : 3 
Attack Bonus : +6/+6 
Damage : 1d6 /1d6 Spiritual Nano Tendrils 
Saving Throw : 14 + 
Movement: 20' fly 
Morale : 10 

The Aunturgirurg are created by certain unholy alien necro para science rites. These horrid creatures are not undead per say but the imprinted life forces of lost spacers reduced to their barest essence and created upon a nano drift wind construct.
These things while appearing to be undead and conforming to some of the characteristics of the damned are actually nano constructs acting upon alien hungers and whims. These things often plague ancient ruins, space wrecks, and areas where the necro priest/scientists send them. 
The mad bastard half life things feed upon the living by creating Spiritual Nano Tendrils which strike for twice per round for 1d6 points of damage. Within ten to twenty minutes they can reduce a man to a corpse and feed on both the vital essences and spiritual energies. For 1d10 rounds they retain the prey/s memories and often use these to lure former ship mates and crew mates to their demise.
Only certain blue green laser wavelengths and certain psychic powers may drive these mad necro parasitic life forms away.
Those who do survive encounters with these horrors from beyond the pale often require complete blood as well bodily fluid replacement. There is a 40% chance of being infected with the nano plague that created these things in the first place. Those who contract 'The Aunturgirurg plague' will die unless the proper saves are made only to rise up as one of these terrifying nano undead things! Those who become The Aunturgirurg are drive almost programmed to make more of these things! 

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