Thursday, October 3, 2013

A 70's Sci fi Inspired Beta Max Black Stars Without Number Campaign - Actual Play - Stand Off In Three Dimensions

Tonight the PC's fought tooth and nail against an Old Martian Alliance Battle ship in three different realities. The PC's almost lost it a couple of times tumbling from one universe to another as the combat raged on in tonight's Stars Without Number game!
The characters found out about the Ovion mole within the ranks of the local insectoids and the battle ship that was hanging out in the edge if the system's gas giant. 
 The PC's learned of the wrinkle in tonight's game. The cargo hold of the battle ship was filled with slaves! If they we weren't careful they could blow them all to hell!
Their shots had to be carefully placed and even then they had to be really careful.
The Alliance was part of an interstellar kidnapping ring that had been ransoming top mega corporate officials back to their companies while selling the colonists into bondage. As well as harvesting their organs for sale and turning the byproducts into Solvent Green for sale on the open market.

The PC's happened upon one of their ships that was dealing with one of their moles within the confines of allies of the PC's.

Spike drives were engaged and the two combatants tumbled through many different realities and universes. They managed to fight the battle ship to sort of a stand still as a white hole spews tons of matter within the wake of the two ships and now they've got to do a boarding action onto the battle ship do a hostage rescue. 

They're also hoping for some space pirate booty as well! 

1d10 1970's Sci Fi Movie  Inspired Random Treasure Table 
  1.  1d30 Ice Jewels from the Lands of  Frigeria 4,000 credits 
  2. Hyperdrive system off of a toasted X Wing Fighter 500 credits 
  3. Five Solar Panels off a Tie Fighters  200 credits each 
  4. Ion Drive and complete cannon set A Wings 3000 credits 
  5. Gold From The Shores of the Sea of Mongo 7,00 credits 
  6. A set of techno crystals from Krypton including the House of Jorel's records. 5,000 credits with a 10% of growing in a solid medium 
  7. A plasma tank and ion drive from an Imperial Viper 4,000 
  8. A complete turbo laser cannnon from a Viper as well. 600 credits 
  9. A cylon centurion torso and motivators. 40% chance of data core in tact. 4,00 credits 
  10. A Sand Man's blaster 500 credits to the right collector 


  1. Nice table! (I get to make my own like it!)

    By the way, first edition Gamma World has a few goodies like that in their Treasure Tables - namely the Pleasure Orb from Sleeper (1973). But those table are full of little Easter Eggs, like a belt-buckle with the "TSR" logo on it and a steamrolled tuba as seen in Animal House (1978).

  2. Well I'll be making others don't worry! But they won't exactly be like this one!
    This is one of the reasons why I love the old First Edition Gamma World Game. Just so many classic in jokes like this and the 'EGG' from Expedition to the Barrier Peaks map as well.
    Just so many classics from back in the day. Thanks for the comment and cheers!


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