Thursday, October 3, 2013

A 70's Sci fi Inspired Beta Max Black Stars Without Number Campaign - Martians Rising - Actual Play

Tonight the PC's are going to have to deal with an old foes! Martian mercenary pirates are going to be doing some raids on the worlds where they're supposed to get paid! 

Looting, raiding pillaging, and slave taking all in one night!
A quick series of lighting raids for slave collection and a quick buck!  

They'll be selling twenty thousand or more slaves at auction and the rest are going to the new Cylon presence which has just sprung up in the Talon sector. 
Information on the Martian Alliance

Some of the ancient history with the Alliance right over

The Cylons taking up right where they left off!
Coming soon to a star system that the PC's are hiding out in.
 Happening in tonight's SWN! 

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