Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Free Old School Resource 'The Adventurer's Ordnance Part 2' From Dragon's Foot For Your Science Fantasy Campaign

So I've gotten three emails claiming that there are additional magic items! 
And so there are folks!

Download Part II Right 

This is an additional one hundred and twenty seven magic items that will fit any retroclone but have been specifically designed for any setting.
Say you have a space station or some lonely little out post world and you need a little bit of treasure to whet the appetites of your jaded players.
Here's your ticket. Need a nice primitive culture 'magic item?
Here you go.
According to the description : 
Part 2 of this excellent resource contains a further 127 magical items for any setting.
Using ' The Adventurer's Ordnance part II ' For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaign

This is a great way to get your players going on an adventure without them realizing it. Try an imagine finding a strange item and reverse tracking it to find the culture that created it.
Or try and imagine trying to figure out why the damn thing's powers are malfunctioning upon a colony world.
These items might actually being found in alien tombs. They might be the booty of some conquering alien tyrant long dead. Since these are compatible with 90% of the retroclones on the market the sky is the limit with what might be done with them.
More coming up tomorrow. 

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