Tuesday, October 1, 2013

4C The Free Marvel Super Heroes Classic game and Resources For Your Old School Super Hero Campaigns

Because I mentioned the classic  Marvel Super Heroes Rpg I forgot to give a quick due to the 4C system and its products.
Its basically Marvel Super Heroes with the serial numbers filed off so that you can pretty much make it your own and best of all its free, easy to use, and reliable.

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When it comes to bare bones Super Hero Rpg action the 4C system is the public domain source.
The 4C System -- including both Basic and Advanced rules -- is a public domain work inspired by a classic superhero roleplaying game. This complete RPG system can be used as presented or as the basis for an RPG of your own creation. This is the Marvel Super Heroes Rpg stripped down to its bare bones and given over into our waiting OSR hands. To say I'm familiar with the game is an understatement. I've run this bastard every which way but loose.
Given that Agents of Shield for the moment seems to be inspiring all kinds of OSR super hero fever lets get right into it.
 The 4C weapons and Gear Book is pretty damn fine resource at eight pages and full of the stuff that you need to move right into the world of super agents and gear. This is exactly the sort of hardware agents of Shield would be seeing on the street.
4C System Weapons & Gear

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The Ashcan Editions Resources For 4C

Ashcan Edition

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Will Robillard did a great magazine for 4C that adds more weapons, adventures, gear, and some great ideas for the system. Best of all its free and the folks did a great job with this magazine. I have to give a big shout out for Hazard studios for doing some great material with the Ashcan Edition stuff!
They're website is available right over 


There are other resources as well. The net books from Marvel Super Heroes work as well for 4C as much as Marvel Super Heroes.
I personally recommend The Manual of PSI, The Aliens of Marvel, The Compiled Marvelphile, and the Aliens vs Predators source book
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