Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A 70's Sci fi Inspired Beta Max Black Stars Without Number Campaign - Around A Dead Star Without A Prayer Adventure And Actual Play

Quick Overview Of The Last Stars Without Numbers Game can be found 
Last adventure the PC's watched in horror as all of the Martian Alliance troops aboard the Capital Battle Cruiser were jettisoned into space!
 They're computer systems aboard their ship were invaded by a very nasty computer virus and the real villain was revealed to be a rogue Apex Relic A.I.!
The downloaded mind of an old corporate foe of the PC's awaited them!
The Thark Nation ship was destroyed as the same virus reeked havoc upon their systems and the ship imploded.


Using a series of lucky rolls three of the PC's were able to cut off many of the major ship systems and were able to sneak aboard the Capital class ship. They saw that the whole ship was filled with supplies, booty, and much more from the various raids that the A.I. had been making through out the various colony worlds.


 After playing tag with a whole bunch of soldier robots and what have you they've made it to engineering only to find that the ship's impulse power engines have activated driving them toward a nearby dead star!
Did mention the "nuetronuim" bombs attached to the various cargoes as well. And that's where we left our heroes aboard a dead ship with an insane rogue A.I. and ticking time bombs!
How will our heroes escape as the clock is ticking literally!

More coming up on this Thursday! 

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