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Review, More Wild Speculation, Catch Up With "The New Agents Of Shield Trailer" For Your Old School Super Hero Campaigns

So far we've seen this show as Skye's journey and personally she might not be at all what she seems. The fact is that this has been a pretty solid ride so far but we've been dancing round the whole super hero vs. high technology game changing game.
So one or something is trying to make super heroes or super soldiers.

This photo has been floating around for two days. Again and again we're given hints then shadows. In the Pilot, in which they built the Extremis for Project Centipede and gave it to Mike Peterson, and Eye-Spy, in which they implanted X-ray vision to Akela Amador, while controlling the girl). And it seems like we'll at least see the face of that organization tomorrow.
This lady didn't offer more answers instead she created more questions.

Go to WATCH ABC to see the full episode now:

I really want to see the show pull out the stops. 
The show needs to go even bigger. This  a world with superheroes and supervillains made clear with the very first episode..yet your giving us xfiles or hero-ish stuff.They need to take advantage more marvel characters, masks, costumes, cameos, and much more. Photo: This week, a mysterious new foe takes center stage. Who is the girl in the flower dress?
I want to see the appearance of AIM! I happen to think that the Rising Tide could possibly be a front for Advanced Idea Mechanics.

 Could it be that Skye is actually an evil hiding in plain sight? Because just once I would love to see Modak making an appearance!

 Just once I'd like to see this show end with half the bravado of the panel from a classic Marvel comic of  years gone by!
Serious give us the yellow freak agents of A.I.M so I can die a happy nerd! 

 Will Skye betray the Agents of Shield? I'd like to propose a counter theory to some of the ones that we've seen floating out there on the internet. I believe that possibly another angle is that Skye might be an alien LMD. That's right Skye just might be the alien decoy in disguise. Take away the lip balm, pumps, and five hundred dollar hairdo and you've got a counter agent with robotic attitude. 
Besides who sleeps with their boyfriend right after eluding Coulson and company? 

Using this stuff for your Old School Super Hero 

Screw the 'Rising Tide', I've always been an A.I.M. fan myself and why not?
According to Marvel Super Heroes Forever website: 
"AIM is an organization of brilliant scientists and their hirelings dedicated to the acquisition of power and the overthrow of all governments by technological means. AIM was organized late in World War II by Baron Wolfgang von Struker to develop advanced weaponry for his subversive organization HYDRA. They were close to developing and attaining nuclear weapons when HYDRA island was invaded by American and Japanese troops. Although HYDRA suffered a major setback, it survived and grew in secret over the following decades."
You can read the entire overview right over
 In the Marvel Movie universe they got their start with these two

 Between the Tesseract technology  from Asgard and the Red Skull's legion I was kinda hoping for a street level television show.
A cross between the X files, some of elements from the movies, and perhaps the Man From Uncle.
Last's week episode was the closest that we've gotten to it. 

The set of adventures that I've used a number of times for Marvel Superheroes was the After Midnight Series. I've used this series of adventures with everything from Marvel Super Heroes to Dark Champions, Aberrant, and other OSR super hero games. This is basically the grand tour of the Marvel Super Heroes underworld.  In the series was After Midnight, Night Moves, and Nightlife.
Available right over
Couple this with the Agents of Shield articles from Dragon Magazine and you've got a great start for a Super Agents campaign. Here's the thing about Super Agent campaigns. They need very little updating. Use the material as history for those who came before the party and wham instant history! 

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