Wednesday, October 2, 2013

1d10 Random 1970's Inspired Space Finds Table For Your Old School Space Opera

1d10 Random 1970's Inspired Space Finds Table
  1. A non working Cylon Centurion head actually still possessed of the Chaotic spirit of its owner. Highly malevolent and very cunning. 
  2. A left arm belonging to a protocal droid slightly carbon scored and pitted. 
  3. A Star Spangled bra and panty set belonging to a warrior princess. With magical lasso and harness. +3 Charisma 
  4. A box of cigerettos very expensive in a silver case with the insignia of a Colonial warrior on them.  +2 on all charisma tests involving gambling
  5. A more them slightly used light saber +2 on all damage along with a storm trooper utility belt 
  6. A set of theorical journals belonging to Dr. Hanz Rhinhart. Stilled with mind bending and insane rambling about black holes and Cthulhu Mythos style mathematics. +2 on all matters involving black holes and hyperspace. 
  7. A set of weird chess like alien statues imbued with very powerful cosmic energies. 
  8. A hyper drive system belonging to a weird saucer style ship. Creates brilliant displays of light and holographic energies. 
  9. A burnt copy of the Book of Truth containing passages outlining the lords of Kobol 
  10. A more then mangled R2 unit with a bad motivator unit. Requires lots of work. Red series. 


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