Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Review and Commentary on Agents of Shield Episode Four - The Asset

Let's see its 12:00 am and I've just gotten back from watching 'Agents of Shield'.
That' wasn't quite was I was expecting at all. A bit slow but a solid episode from the fringes of the movie Marvel universe.
In tonight's episode we get a deep view into one of Shield's so called one of  Shield's so called 'red assets'
An uber scientist by the name of 
Dr. Franklin Hall, played by English actor Ian Hart.
A gentleman who not only knows the ins and outs Shield but is responsible for the creation, training, and maintenance of Shield agents. 
And we have just witnessed the creation of one of this universe's villains. 
Franklin Hall is also the name for Graviton  you can find out more right over

Franklin Hall (Earth-616) 005

The power of gravity gone wild Avenger, the power of"Graviton" Lord of the Fundamental forces! 
~Graviton ~

This week we saw more of that alien technology at work and the dark 1% technological underbelly  at work in the form of uber rich technology king Ian Quin. An old college of the good doctor and the creator of the technology that cancels gravity and theoretically will allow a generator of unlimited power.  Our erstwhile black marketer is operating out of Malta where Shield has any international rights to interfere with technological development.


More and more this series is beginning to remind me of White Wolf's Aberrant game. Here you have organizations operating within gray areas of international law and trying like hell to keep up with the technological  developments being created by the super humans while effecting the world around them.
Ian is an addicted risk taker and  might be a front man for AIM or perhaps Hydra. To early to tell. This is a guy who protects his property with nasty laser grids capable of stopping bullets and cutting folks to microscopic bits.
We get more background into agents Skye, Ward, and more into the background of  Coulson.  We get the impression and another clue that perhaps the head of this group actually did die in  the Avengers movie. Then there's Agent May whose now just changed her mind about field combat and assignment.


Coulson and company break into the lab where Doctor  Franklin Hall  is working on the 
the ball of gravitonium and getting ready to turn it into a working generator so he can destroy the underground lab and everyone in the mansion above. 
 Coulson ends up with Hall and gravity is going completely mental. The doctor refuses to shut down the generator and Coulson uses the doctor shutdown the reactor. By shoving him into it. 
Coulson is so polite throughout the whole thing its a bit weird. He's ruthless and weird at the same time. 
We also got a lot of this in this episode. By this I mean the shifting loyalties of Skye. Whose she working for? 
I was sort of hoping for this

But I came away with more questions then answers with this episode.
It was solidly done but there were a heck of a lot more questions.

Next week we finally find out what the heck these guys are?
The Rising Tide,Aim, Hydra? 

Using 'Asset' For Your Old School Super Heroes Campaign 
This guy is much too nice not to use as an NPC in a supers game. Seriously this guy is filthy rich, has an illegal technology obsession, likes to live dangerously, has possible connections a mysterious conspiratorial organization as well as an underground lab, and mercs.
Add into the fact that he's the perfect go between for PC's and villains. This is this year's shady NPC patron. This guy is a great archtype waiting to happen in your campaign and he's going to get his get out of free jail card soon. 
He's also hip deep in industrial espipoge as well perhaps having a major super villain on him in next season?
 Ian here is a nationalized Malta citizen, has a vast network of contacts as well as houses all over the world with underground labs as well as perhaps megadungeons. 

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