Friday, October 11, 2013

The Free Old School Resource 'The Adventurer's Ordnance' From Dragon's Foot For Your Science Fantasy Campaign

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This is a one hundred and ten magical item laden resource that is perfect for DM running an old school fantasy campaign.
This is very well thought out and laid out little pdf that fills a much needed role in retroclone and OSR campaign settings. A DM can never have too many magic items or places for placement.
From the minor to the major this book goes through quite the range of them.
Jesse Muir lays them out in fine detail but without filling in all of the essential pieces of complete background allowing a DM to truly customize what's needed. 

Using The 
The Adventurer's Ordnance' For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaigns

From time to time a DM needs to bridge the gap between their fantasy campaign and their science fantasy game. Add one of these items and that bridge gap is secure and then its easily a matter of playing follow the bread crumbs for the PC's back to the item's origin.
This book is really oriented for 1st edition AD&D allowing a DM to use it with both OSRIC and about 90% of the retroclones on the market today. Adjusting the flavor of the book may take a bit of effort but some of these items can provide a DM with all of the hooks they need to take a party of adventures into a myriad of directions.  

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