Sunday, October 13, 2013

Using The Free OSR Resource 'Foot Prints Magazine' Issue #1 PDF for Your Old School Science Fantasy Game

Get It Right
Foot Prints magazine has been around since 2004 and its saved my butt more times then I can count like today for instance.
I've got to come up with two hazards for an alien temple for a small group of players for a classic science fantasy retroclone.
Since the contents are mostly 1st edition AD&D, the conversion process to the retroclone of your choice is a snap.
In this instance Stars Without Numbers and so its' Foot Prints' to the assist.
According to the intro:
Issue 1 of Footprints is now available for download, an e-magazine published and supported by Dragonsfoot and is dedicated to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Contents include the following : 

Keeper Of The Old Faith (adventure)
The Weight Of Coins in AD&D (article)
Critical Hits & Fumbles (article)
The Raveger (fiction)
A Second Look: The Mask (class)
Fly Horror (monster) 
Guardian Of Light (monster)
N1: Against The Cult Of The Reptile God (review)

Using Footprints As The Basis For A Space Fantasy

The Mask Class is going to be the basis for an alien shape changer NPC to lead the PC's into a devious trap set up on a lonely outpost world.
This place is the resting place for a forgotten god of incredibly dangerous means left behind after its race has ascended to a higher plane of existence. This unholy creature is going to be a 'Guardian of Light'.
The Fly Horror here becomes an alien life form monster and possibly a small side adventure in its own right.
There will be a bunch of minor local 'treasures' to keep the PCs busy until the 'Fly Horror' shows up.
This isn't the first time that I've used Footprints magazine in a pinch but its a damn good resource not to grab.

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