Friday, October 4, 2013

Review & Commentary on 'The Pay What You Want Post Apocalyptic Supplement 'Situations For Apocalyptic Encampments' From Levi Kornelsen

Situations For Apocalyptic Encampments

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Me being the post apocalyptic fanatic I'm stumbled across this one while doing research for an upcoming game on Drivethru.
This is exactly what it says on the cover. But that being said its a very well put together eight page pdf and actually does a nice job of filling in some very cool details on Post Apocalyptic gaming situations.
According to Drivethru rpg:
 In many apocalyptic scenarios, the basic unit of humanity is the encampment - camp, fortress, holdout, bartertown...  Whatever you'd like to call it.
If such a location features in a game you're running, this is a means of grabbing the resources, views, and hierarchy of that place, and turning those into fodder for hot situations that players can get hooked into.
...Apparently this is part of an over all solid set of ideas that are going to become another POA table top rpg system. 
I'm all for that because it means more grist for the mill and more a more post apocalpytic market to explore.
'Situations For Apocalyptic Encampments is a variant form of a significant amount of material from Situations For Tabletop Roleplaying, cleaned up, condensed, and restated for this specific genre.  It will be appearing (in slightly different form) as a section in the upcoming Infected: Tabletop Roleplaying In The Eldritch Apocalypsethis is a slightly more general form being distributed separately in order to bring that same goodness to other games as well!'
Take a look and download this one. Its pretty interesting and could infact make a fine addition to a game of Mutant Future.
Throw the guy a bone or two so we can see more stuff. 


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