Monday, October 28, 2013

Reconciling Agents of Shield And Captain America The Winter Soldier Trailer For Your Old School Super Heroes campaign

By now trailer adds for Captain America Winter Soldier have hit the airwaves hard and its interesting to see some of the elements. 

  • Multiple Hele carriers in the sky like out of some Orwellian nightmare 
  • Lots of threats to American and world wide soil in the movie Marvel universe 
  • Oodles of weird high tech/alien Shield hybrid technology 

    Flashes of the Red Falcon, Black Widow, and of course the Winter Soldier himself. 

  • So where in the world do we have the 'Agents of Shield in all of this?

  • We have them hopefully out of the way because they're likely to be killed unless BC ups the game more. I spy was pretty interesting and edgy but didn't hit the fan as fast as it needs to.
    This is the Marvel universe and here the fantastic has always stood side by side with the  mundane.
     So let's wait and see who and what will be left standing at the end when Winter Soldier makes his appearance.
    Could we be seeing the foreshadowing of the organization that contracts or hires the Winter soldier along with perhaps the forces gathering within the Agents Of Shield show?
    I'd like to think so. Many of the things that we've seen have been jabs, shadowboxing, and not complete reveals at all.
    Basically in an rpg campaign we're getting some heavy duty foreshadowing of things to come! 
    Much of the technology and weaponry we've seen has been displayed many  times in the Marvel movie universe has been around for decades.
    One book in particular has been helpful in this regard for allowing players to get in on the action.

    Get It Right Over

    All of the gadgets, gear, and everything else you need are there. Agents of Shield has been a show about trickle down super heroics. Technology emerging into society and society not exactly taking it well. 
    This book has served me for decades and you can use it today for free.

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