Saturday, October 12, 2013

Less Then Seventeen Hours Remaining For 'The Pay What You Want' Bag of Holding Stars Without Number

You've got less then seventeen hours to get in on the ground floor deal for Stars Without Number game line! Every old school space science fictional title currently out there and something brand new! 

 Go right over HERE 
This is basically like a pay what you want for charity bundle with all of the books for this fantastic space and science fiction sand box. There are some great tittles here and the window for these is closing fast. 
I originally blogged about it right over HERE
This is going to give you everything your going to need to dive right into the game head first.
The player's manual from Mongoose, the Skyward Steel book, the Apocalpytic goodness of Other Dust, the very first adventure Hardlight with the sky tombs and some great pre Scream technology.
 Finally there's a brand new title in the mix Relics of The Lost!
book cover

I've gotten an advanced look at this one and its pretty amazing. Its thirty two pages of technological goodness that can be used for either loot, adventure hook or more.
Here's the blurb: 

This new, never-before-published 32-page supplement is currently available ONLY in the Bundle of Holding. Don't expect to see it anywhere else for at least a month!
Relics of the Lost fills the forgotten pre-Scream cities and time-lost Mandate orbitals of your SWN campaign with plunder from the Second Wave of human colonization, an era long dead: new (or newly exhumed) weapons, armor, robots, pretech domestic devices, and chemical stims.

Best of all your purchase helps out some great causes.
Ten percent of your payment is split between two fine causes selected by Stars Without Number designer Kevin Crawford: the Friends of the Historical Archive of Cologne and the Benzie Food Partners, Inc. food bank, which serves Kevin's home county in Michigan.

So consider yourselves warned!
Time is running out on this great deal!

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