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'The Politics of Hell' Books III A 'What If' Infernal & Devilish Campaign Set Up For Advanced Dungeons & Dragons First Edition Or OSRIC Part II

Our game of 'What if' continues in part two of our Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition 'Politics of Hell' series. Where I begin to outline more of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons orange spine reprints & expansions from an alternative universe;" Let's play a game of 'What If' what would have happened if the trail blazing orange spines of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition reprint books had continued with those incredible pieces of cover artwork. James Panarella did some incredible Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition orange spine mock up covers of supplement books that we wish existed. "
Fans would have to wait more then a year for the dream team of Gary Gygax, Ed Greenwood, Jeff Grub, James Ward,Ed Sullivan, Frank Mentzer,  & a bunch of the TSR illumine get together & finish 'The Politics of Hell'. Robert Kuntz is brought on board (or has been behind the scenes) & Gary Gygax as well as Ernie & Alex are busy play testing the next round of 'The Politics of Hell book III'. The year is 1990 & TSR has its hands full with the other titles of James Panarella's 'The Ways', 'The Lands',etc.. Why?! Because all of these titles are doing exactly what BECMI's Mystara's Known World Gazetteers did but their doing it for Greyhawk. Greyhawk as well as the Forgotten Realms is getting the full publishing treatment. TSR is a juggernaut in the rpg market taking on companies such as the upstart White Wolf & many others during this the alternative world rpg Golden age. 'The Politics of Hell III' picks up right at the end of the infernal  events of  book II. The upstart & outsider devil war is full swing in Hell. And the planes are shaking from the war as the gods deal with the aftermath of infernal Hell war starting to make the Prime Material shake to its foundations. 'The Politics of Hell III' has new PC classes, military forces, new monsters, adventure hooks, dark connections to some of Hell's dark secrets & hints of the connections to James Ward's Greyhawk Adventure book.

The boiling warfare in Hell has enabled some of the most dangerous entities in the infernal realm to escape into the war. The PC's must delve deep into a high level dungeon ruin complex  on Maladomini  the seventh layer of Hell, 'the Hell of Ruins'. The Gods of Greyhawk, the Forgotten Realms, etc are getting ready for aremgeddon because the infernal forces are leaking into the mortal realms. The possessors & their infernal ilk detailed in Dragon magazine Issue 42  "Demons, Devils and Spirits" by Tom Moldvay have escaped from the vaults of  Maladomini. The worlds of Imagination are in grave danger & only the PC's can bail them out.

The dream writing & designing team of TSR has been busy connecting the Greyhawk & Forgotten Realm dots to Ward & Kuntz's Legends & Lore. Dragon magazine articles, appendixes,etc are all finding their way into the 'The Politics of Hell III.'  MephistophelesAsmodeusBaalzephon, the other archdevils are very angry because they've literally been pushed with their backs against the planes walls. All of their schemes, lies, etc are exposed!

 Across the planes material paladins,clerics, & holy warriors are called to the front lines of what could be planar Armageddon. 'The Politics of Hell III' has all kinds of new information that sets the stage for 'Gary Gygax's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Second Edition'. 'The Politics of Hell' books are a sprawling Advanced Dungeons & Dragons mega campaign  that takes full advantage of  Gary Gygax's & Frank Mentzer's T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil II book. This book takes the events of T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil & continues it as the Abyss begins to take advantage of  Belial's warfare. Satan is going to have to take both Astaroth & Belial in hand with the PC's background help doing a lot of the heavy lifting with more dungeon delving. The PC's are going to have to act as a fulcrum between the gods & devils lest all out war on the planes spells absolute doom for both Greyhawk & The Forgotten Realms.  
'The Politics of Hell III' can be used in ten ways: 

  1. The evil infernal cults of Greyhawk may not stand down at the end of the events of the book causing the PC's to mop up. 
  2. The artifacts that the PC's pull from Hell must be put back at the end of the campaign events of 'The Politics of Hell III'. 
  3. The sprawling infernal horrors of Hell are going cause all kinds of havoc enabling campaign play for years to come. 
  4. Political destabilization in Greyhawk means that the PC's may have to root out all kinds of infernal influences.
  5. The PC's are going to have to deal with the gods getting very angry at their interference with the events of  'The Politics of Hell III'
  6. The treasures that the PC's recovered from Hell might cause the PC's more trouble then their worth. 
  7. The threat of Luz is now in full blown horror on Greyhawk after Hell has shown its weakness. 
  8. Asmodeus may fully be aware of the PC's & have his attention. This isn't a good thing as he could recruit them for other missions for Hell to mop up since they did such a good job. 
  9.  'The Politics of Hell III' sets off some of the dark secrets of Hell who knows what other monsters are hidden in the lowest depths of the plane. 
  10. The sprawling horror of this campaign lays bare some of the threats that Hell poses to the planes. The PC's may well be questioned or worse by the kings & queens of Greyhawk or the Forgotten Realms. 
And what of Mystara?! What happens if the Immortals get a whiff of the events of  'The Politics of Hell III'? They will slam & lock the door behind them?! This sets up even more dangers for other OSR systems.  'The Politics of Hell ' books for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons would indeed be an epic campaign. Now if they only existed?! 

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