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1d10 Random Magical Caskets of the Damned & Unclaimed For Your Old School Sword & Sorcery Campaigns

The Three Caskets, Plate 2, Stories from Old English Poetry
In ancient temples, ruins long forgotten, & dungeons undreamt of by man there are objects of occult power & supernatural violence that exist in forgotten corners. They hold the bones of the damned & saints of the unholy whose voices have been forgotten by history itself. The oceans have drank the continents & the seas have eroded the shores but these things remain holding the bones & skulls of the forgotten damned whose souls burn to power the blackest & coldest Hells. These caskets hold not only these unholy relics but sometimes riches beyond compare. Beware adventurers these ancient relic holders sometimes hold far more then the expected.

1d10 Random Magical Caskets of the Damned & Unclaimed 

  1. Ranoz - This casket of jade & jet holds the remains of an ancient alien emperor from the coldest moons of Saturn. His remains are interned here & there are three priceless diamonds that contain his soul. The casket is worth 300 gold pieces & allows one that holds it to remove the soul of anyone mortally wounded under the light of the new moon. The casket can also perform a cure wounds spell at the same time but there is a price. The victim must make a save vs death or a fragment of the  essence of the alien emperor will possess them. They shall become zombie under the control of the essence with double the hit points of a normal zombie & begin to cause havoc. 
  2. Oasis's Vengeance - this casket contains the bones of a priest of Oasis who damned himself in the service of his god by falling in love with princess. Those holding the casket can command his ghost to act as a cleric for two days for the party.He will have all of the normal abilities of a 5 level cleric. There are twelve small gold bars inside the casket. Those who take the bars will incense the god & twelve mummies will rise to take the fools to the underworld. The cleric is free to speak to the owner as if he was a living person & has acted as advisor to many kings & priests for centuries. The casket is being sought by the cult of Oasis who may murder or pay handsomely for it. 
  3. Zraus the Fallen - This fallen foul anti paladin of Orcus's remains are cursed to wander the underworld for eternity & his body's remains have fourteen bones missing. These reside in the casket & allow the anti paladin to continue to wreck vengence upon the living. Anyone holding this casket has access to all abilities of an anti paladin once per day. And they allow the user to summon the ghosts of 11 victims of Zraus the Fallen. They can be used to find treasure or attack user's enemies but upon the 12th month of ownership of this casket the owner will be visited by Orcus. The demon lord will ask the whereabouts of Zraus the Fallen. Failing to indicate the casket forfeits the owner's soul to the demon lord. 
  4. The casket of Obb - This casket contains the alien warrior Obb's remains that were consumed by an ancient alien fungus. The owner of the casket can once per day call upon these fungus to appear. They will act as living council for the owner & answer three questions of decay & decomposition. Further they can also give a legend lore about any treasure or relic that is presented before them. The casket itself is a jewel encrusted relic worth a small king's ransom & any fool trying to destroy this relic will have 1d10  myconid warriors to contend with. Obb himself is still decaying thousands of years later inside this thing & will occasionally moan or wail to warn the owner of danger. 
  5. Dsaru The Bloody Handed One - This casket contains nothing but blackness & foulness between the coldest stars. Anyone opening it will be sucked into the 'void of nothingness' never to be seen again. The casket has seven figures of alien warriors etched in precious rubies & they may be summoned by causing one point of damage & smearing blood on these rubies. This does not have to be the owner's blood. There is a cult of warriors seeking this unholy relic & the thing will call to them. Anything placed inside this casket is gone but rumors persist that a dungeon exists inside of it. 
  6. Htrdsprsi - This strange green & red swirled casket of alien stone glows & swirls with the colours not found in reality. The thing can add 1d10 years of life to those holding it but demands the first dream of its owner. It can also once per year produce a almost flawless diamond that may be used to summon the demon king Htrdsprsi. Htrdsprsi's damned soul is the casket itself & the demon king  is always looking for it.The lords of chaos tease him by moving it across the planes. 
  7. The Casket of the Unclaimed - This casket holds the soul of an evil fairy demi god & is made from the bones of all who tried to claim his riches. He uses this casket as his anchor to the material plane & once per day manifests as a lich of incredible evil. This thing has no name but those holding the casket can summon 1d8 zombie elfin warriors from beyond the pale of man. These things act as 6th level fighters & were strangely magical plate mail as well having magic swords of +2 quality. The casket can heal leprosy or any magical disease that the lich then takes on for 1d10 years. 
  8. The Casket of the Shambler - This casket is made of pure silver & is covered in strange jeweled vines. Inside is the beating heart of an arch druid made of pure red jade & wrought with veins of precious metals. The casket can three times per day summon 1d4 shambling mounds of double hit points whom will serve the owner. Should the heart be disturbed then they will appear to attack the owner. The casket can teleport the owner once per day to the nearest sacred druid grove or to the heart of the nearest forest. The casket can once per day over flow with pure spring water that will act as a cure light wounds spell. But there is a coven of evil druids seeking this casket & they are severed by 6th level assassins. 
  9. The Casket of the Vanquished - This casket holds the remains of seven evil demons & it demands the blood of anyone slain in its presence. The demons feast on the evil & violence of any combat in a 5 mile radius of this casket. But they grant the owner 100 years of peace & prosperity. They will however turn on any righteous or good warriors they can! They attack by manifesting if they can get away with it once per day. The casket carried into battle will allow the owner to summon 1d10 warriors of seventh level once per day to fight & act on his or her behalf. The owner's soul should he or she die in battle belongs to the demons. 
  10.  The Casket of the Dozen Damned - This casket is made of twelve red Atlantean gold plates, these move & slide of their own accord. This casket holds the alien soul of a long dead god whose name is lost to history. The thing can once per day raise the dead but the price is awful. Those raised are half of what they once were & damned to the service of the god of the casket. They will act normal until the full moon upon which they will become wights in the service of their alien master. They murder without providence & cause mayhem for the nights of the full moon. But the casket will provide 100 gold pieces of the red Atlantean gold  as a sort of bribe for the owner. The casket can also increase the owner's intelligence or wisdom by 1d6 points. The thing will act as diabolically insane but very clever council for the owner as well. It will also provide a 10% magic resistance a mere fraction of its original insane grandeur. This casket can provide itself to twelve owners before it begins to take over & possibly possess them. These twelve act as its vessels on the planes. 

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