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Review & Commentary The Expanded 20-Level Core Four Classes By James Mishler, & Jodi Moran-Mishler For Labyrinth Lord and Advanced Labyrinth Lord

"The Expanded 20-Level Core Four Classes provides a new, expanded version of each of the four core Labyrinth Lord classes, for use with Labyrinth Lord and Advanced Labyrinth Lord. In the vein of the original concept of the “companion rules” to the original BX series, this gives players something to look forward to at higher levels – indeed, at every level!
In addition to the core class abilities of Spellcasting and Turning Undead (which now goes all the way to 20!), the Cleric gains Ritual Magic, Holy Smite, Divine Intercession, Guardian Angel, Sphere Spells, and the awesome power of Deus Ex Machina!
Fighters regain their long-lost Battlefield Dominance, Multiple Attacks, and Weapon Specialization, plus the ability to Seize Initiative and perform Heroic and Super-Heroic Surges!
Magic-users are no longer fire-and-forget one-shot wonders, gaining Magic Bolt, Magic Duel, Read Magic, Sense Magic, Counterspell, Invoke Entity, Enchanted Wand, Evoke Spell, the mighty Retributive Strike, powerful Personal Enchantments, and the ultimate Archmage ability!
Finally, the Thief gains the respect and versatility they always deserved, with an entirely new and expanded thief ability system! The thief can choose which of the core seven abilities advance each level, and how quickly they advance – plus, each ability is useful at 1st level, while only a 20th-level thief can attain true grand mastery at all thieving skills! Additionally, thieves gain the following abilities – Backstab, Artful Dodger, Luck Not Skill, Skill Specialization, Read Languages, Special Skills, and Read Scrolls. Special Skills choices include Acrobatics, Art of Distraction, Art of the Ordinary, Beggar, Buffoonery, Cantrips, Climb Overhangs & Ceilings, Dual-Wielding, Find and Remove Magical Traps, Gamble, Grifting, Hide in Plain Sight, Locksmith, Mimic Voices, Pick Arcane Locks, Read Lips, Stunning Blow, Swift and Silent, Tailing, Trapsmith, Troubadour, and Ventriloquism.
If you like these expanded classes, you will love the Expanded 20-level Demi-Human Racial Classes, also available!"

I started looking at James Mishler Games's Expanded 20-Level Core Four Classes that found its way into my email. I started thinking about Adventurer,Conqueror,King's rpg while reading it over. For Labyrinth Lord rpg fans this book takes PC's into some solid levels & directions by providing viable options. Because this rules supplement hits the solid four PC classes. 

There are several reasons for this. There's a huge expansion of Labyrinth Lord's play character resources within Expanded 20-Level Core Four Classes.  This means that the PC's have far more on the table top level but this isn't fifth edition style manure. Expanded 20-Level Core Four Classes takes the options from older D20 resources but given the Mishler family spin by taking PC levels up to level twenty. There in lays the ground work for racial/level abilities all of the while providing experience points. This provides the players & dungeon master with an alternative levels & PC options for table levels.For Adventurer,Conqueror,King's rpg this could add a very mythological option for adventures. Expanded 20-Level Core Four Classes takes the PC's as heroes & very dangerous options for thieves. The fact is that thief gets all of the gravitas that they actually deserve & can actually be effective.  In point of fact Expanded 20-Level Core Four Classes is perfect as an option for Labyrinth Lord as an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition.
Take for example part of the thieves PC package;"  
Special Skill: Art of Distraction (Dexterity or Charisma) – This special skill enables the thief to distract a victim, usually providing another thief assistance on their attempt to pick pockets, or distracting a guard while another thief sneaks into a building, etc. Success with the skill indicates that the target is distracted or has otherwise been misdirected (or whatever ruse the thief desires). If the thief successfully distracts a victim to assist another thief to pick pockets, sneak past a guard, or otherwise, that thief gains a +3 bonus on their attempt to their skill check. Increase this bonus by 1 for every additional thief who successfully assists, up to a total bonus of +6. Note that usually if the thief is successful with this skill, the target gets no saving throw against the distraction, barring magical intervention or change of circumstances. This skill starts at a score of 10 at the level at which it is chosen and improves by 1 point for every 2 levels advanced. Thus, if chosen at 6th level, the skill starts at 10, then improves to 9 at 8th, 8 and 10th, and so on, to a best score of 3 at 20th level. NOTE: Thieves without this skill can certainly attempt to distract a mark, but do not have the advantage of the infallibility of the success of this skill."

This makes the whole affair a solid addition that can adds to the PC's tool box & as a great addition for the DM who relies on these books for creating memorable NPC's.

Expanded 20-Level Core Four Classes would be perfect to run Frank Mentzer's I11 The Needle 

Do I think James Mishler Games's Expanded 20-Level Core Four Classes is worth the money & is it good? Well I think that the book needs a bit more expansion in the material & is perfect for what it does but the PC options needed a bit more expansion & explanation for  Labyrinth Lord & Advanced Labyrinth Lord. So a four outta five in my option for Expanded 20-Level Core Four Classes

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