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1d10 Random Eldritch Artifacts of The Beaktopus Of Neptune For Your Old School Campaigns

Neptune is one of the most dangerous planets in the solar system & home to a wide array of monsters including the savage semi fungi 
 beaktopus tribes that reproduce around the great white formations in the clouds. It is a violent world know among certain scholars of the forbidden as  "Yaksh". 

The Yakshians reproduce by using the locked & decaying corpse of one of the spawn of the Outer Gods. This monster god's body is impregnated with hundreds of thousands of spores. These horrors feed upon the spores that hatch from the occult energies of the corpse as it is exposed to the howling winds of Neptune. 
Those brave enough to do battle with the deadly psychic philosopher wizard rulers  of the beaktopus report giant floating plate cities of metal & weird stone like fungal growths. There are thousands of odd rooms, temples, etc. which twisted in all kinds of strange shapes at angles that can disturb the mind. Artifacts & relics from these alien places sometimes find their ways into the dungeons & underworld ruins. The beaktopus colonies move to conquer more & more of the weird underworld of various planes & alternative worlds.

1d10 Random Eldritch Artifacts
of The B
eaktopus Of Neptune 
  1. A twisted piece of wood & strange kit made from the bones of some poor demi humanoid. The thing is a wand of fire balls with only half charge. A single ruby like crystal will point to the nearest life form. 
  2. Two cylinder like pieces of metal that will create a 'feather fall' field around the owner but it may explode for 1d8 points of damage if not handled delicately. Worth 500 gold pieces to the right collector 
  3. A six inch high box that contains the remains of a charred gnome. The box will activate if open to create a small undead & amusing servant with a sarcastic streak a mile long. Not worth too much because of the servant's attitude. But the little bastard is a first level wizard.  
  4. 6 inch wand like object that is actually a dart gun capable of firing 30 feet with a save or die poison. The gun has 10 darts left & is worth 600 gold pieces to the right party 
  5. A strange net of red gold wire that is actually a mind enhancer capable of raising the level of any psionic by two levels but at a cost of temporary insanity due to the flood of incoming horrid data. The insanity lasts for 1d6 months of howling fun. The howling is the beaktopus alien lingual & telepathic  language. Worth 7000 gold pieces if the adventurers can figure out what it is. 
  6. Golden silver box 13 inches long is actually a black ooze trapped in the box used for construction & other projects.
  7. A strange harness like device made outta of thousands of straps & harnesses. This is actually a walking assistant device that can be used to move through heavy gravities. There is a profusion of knobs & strange buttons. Pushed wrong & the character will take 1d8 points of gravity crushing damage to their body. Used correctly & the harness allows one to work in the crushing gravity of various planes & planets. Worth 10000 gold pieces.
  8. Green glowing crystal that will summon 1d6 undead beaktopus servants but a charisma roll must be made to control them. The crystal is worth 2000 gold pieces to a certain necromantic faction of wizards who wear red robes. 
  9. A giant copper like pretzel device with all kinds of blinking lights & weird glowing crystals. The thing will if activated create a radiation cloud that does 1d6 points of radiation damage for which the owner must make a save vs poison roll. The device is used for beaktopus fungal reproduction. 
  10. A strange cage made from thousands or millions of strands of carbon like cables. The thing will infect those who sit within it will 1d20 tendrils of incredible complexity. This is a actually a beaktopus vehicle capable of planar travel but the device will be random unless the PC's have six or more arms. Worth 10000 gold pieces to the right occult or alien collector because of the battle damage she's endured. 
Please note that the beaktopus is used with permission from the original author/designer 

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