Friday, September 28, 2018

Quick OSR Review & Free Adventure Download - DF18 Where The Fallen Jarls Sleep For Your Old School Campaigns

"A malevolence darkens the northern reaches of The Land of Song. Can your group defeat the evil and bring peace. An adventure for characters of level 3-5."

The days are growing shorter & I've had to think a bit outside the box as far as running something dangerous & dire for Halloween. I need a solid adventure to run with some of the more experienced players in my social circles. So what really cares the Hell out of players? Hordes of undead waiting to tear into PCs!

Where The Fallen Jarls Sleep by John Turcotte is the perfect Viking Halloween Dungeons & Dragons answer! Dangerous as hell for PC's this is nasty little affair where PC's are investigating undead sightings & the survivors of attacks by these creatures. There are some incredibly well done bits of this adventure where the NPC's have a personal stake in the goings on of the adventurers.

The homesteads of the northmen are being attacked, raided,  & people are being murdered left, right, & center. The northmen here are peaceful & the adventurers are brought in as muscle & to put to rest the undead cancer.

An adventurer rushing to doom for a party of fellow warriors not artwork from DF18.

This is the perfect module to run with a Sword & Sorcery campaign. The advice on monsters, pacing of the adventure & the extra bits of fluff that make this one of the best & must have free Dragon foot modules. The hidden locations & other mystical Norse tone of D18 make this a perfect middle tier adventure for PC's to really get into the setting of Where Sleep Jarls lay. Text & layout are up to Dragon foot standards but make this a really solidly set adventure.

This is one of those adventures that can be played over a long series of sessions making it quite epic in scope as a mini campaign. There are some aspects that could be quite lethal but that is the point of DF18.

Over all DF18 Where The Fallen Jarls Sleep is a solid adventure with a very good reputation among certain quarters of the OSR. The presentation is very well done & I think that the undead encounters are very dangerous especially if the player's PC's don't exactly know the full extent of the horror in this module.
You Can Download DF18 Where
The Fallen Jarls Sleep Here!

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