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1d6 Random Mysterious & Important Skalds of The Lost Tribes Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

" Olafar Skaldarb strode into the court with the gaze of a man who owned the place.No man met the yellow golden iries of his eyes for they shone with unnatural light of one who had been to the Otherworld. In his hands was a well made but very well worn lyre whose strings shone with colours strange & weird. It was said that Olafar Skaldarb had met Loki himself as he walked on toward the road of his grand father's  ancient chiefs. Olafar walked into the hall of his father's house to deliver the news of the upstart's death at hands of his own brothers. He came to sing of victory but there were others in his father's house that his eyes had come to root out. A single finger rested on his lyre's strings & the powerful magicks raced & rushed along these very strings ready to send warrior or mystic alike into Hel's waiting arms. "

There is a 20% chance of one of these skalds having heard of one of the PC's may seek him or her out to share in their adventures. These skalds often have unique talents & strange skills learned in many unknown or mysterious lands. There is a 40% chance of them having some vital yet obscure piece of information critical to the adventure.
Skalds of the adventuring variety are a hardy & sometimes dangerous lot able to blend into a culture or alien community with easy. There is a 5% chance of them suffering from a mild form of depression having watched friends & love ones die around them. They can often be followed by 1d6 ghosts of past friends & former adventurers. These beings can often offer insights into current adventure situations these skald come to rely on .

1d6 Random Mysterious &
Important Skalds of The Lost Tribes Encounter Table

  1. Fas'ta - A skald wandering between the worlds & recording the miracles of Saints & clerics alike. He is able to memorize amazing amounts of details, pieces of cultures he has visited, & there is a 20% chance of Fas'ta knowing some small adventure detail about a ruin or other religious structure or ruin. He has above his right eye a scar from a duel with a tribal chieftain who did not like his poetry of a local Saint. Fas'ta has a shock of red hair with bits of it starting to go gray from the supernatural occurances that he has seen. For this skald has had truck with the forces of Orcus himself in the past & he has no love of the undead. 
  2. Bragi Brusi The Bold - This skald is both skald & cleric of a god of Law. He records the deeds of kings while quietly spreading his own faith among the flock of many lands. Bragi has a special hatred of all things of chaos & has a +1 dagger named Vin. The dagger seems to lead him into places that need his special brand of help. Brasi is a healer of no small renowned & often attends royals & commoner alike. He collects tales of great heroes & often accompanies them onto their adventures. He often attaches himself to groups of adventurers where the cosmic winds of Law take him. 
  3. Trus Tbvara - A comedic skald & teller of tall tales, this skald often accompanies armies into battle & adventurers into the deepest of dungeons. He mocks his enemies with the most dire of insults & can time his insults to devastating effect causing an enemy to become so distracted as to miss their die roll on some minor task during a game. He has a problem betting & often 20% of the time runs afoul of his own brother a skald of law who seems to show up when least expected. 
  4. Nraru The Twice Blessed - This skald is from a long line of Welsh warriors but has gone into the profession of clerical worker & skald. But the long line of illustrious warriors of his family always seem to get him involved with adventurers when he's needed. The man is accompied by 1d6 familial ghosts who always speak with him & give him advice as well as spiritual gossip. He's actually a trader of no small means & often trades in adventurer's equipment & supplies acting as a middle man for all kinds of food stuffs & sundries. He also happens to hear some of the juiciest adventure rumors & tales of local goings on. 
  5. Abru The Wanderer - This skald is always moving from port to port & across many lands collecting information & tales about monsters & horrors. He tells his tales to others of his order as well as his audience by bringing critical information of the creatures troubling many local lands. He is a very fickle individual whose blessing of birth has him moving every 16 hours. On the side he sells information & tales of tactics to generals & military leaders who value his council. There is a 20% chance of Abru having a minor magic item that may help the adventurers. 
  6. Marcus Olofson - A former Roman warrior whose injuries caused him to have a career change. A party of Viking warriors took on the former warrior as a sort of good luck charm & mascot. He apprenticed to the party's skald & gained his blessing when he was killed by a wyrm of most foul aspect. Marcus collects the tales of warriors & kings so that their sons & daughters will remember their fathers. His storytelling abilities are so good that there is a 30% chance of the ghost of the dead person manifesting in the middle of his tales. These entities will not interrupt the skald but can speak to their families independently of him. He often gives his services to needy families & councils slayers of undead. Once per week he can open a portal to the realm of the dead of the Otherworld to send a spirit to its proper reward.

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