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1d20 Random Things Found Among The Beards of Lady Dwarven Warriors For Your Old School Campaigns

Many adventurers encounter the rare Dwarven female warriors known as Aresui out in the fields of battle. These mercenary lady warriors do not want the traditional mine ownership & business opportunities that they are afforded by Dwarven society. Instead they seek adventure & are driven by the blood fury of the Earth. Their veins pump with the seething violence of their family's warrior legacies & they cleave to the sound of glory & battle. Many Aresui become adventurers among mankind. They seek out the places deep, dank, & dangerous where the ancient enemies of the Dwarves still hide.
To denote their status among Dwarven kind they often have various practical small pieces of equipment woven into their facial beards. Many Aresui often follow Berronar, the dwarven goddess of safety, truth, and home.

Those that survive the mercenary life often become successful mine owners in their own rights. They manage their business's fortunes with a deft hand that they've acquired from the world of man. Many Aresui are still shrewd tacticians & military leaders well into their late five hundreds. They use their mines & earth works as cover to seek out & exterminate the most dangerous enemies of the Dwarven race. For the younger lady warriors the mercenary life is a rite of passage seen as a twisted path of insanity among the Dwarven traditionalists & familial councils. Many Aresui are brought before such councils for 'dressing down' when visiting their traditional familial homes.
The trinkets, jewels, & small ornamental weaponry denotes a status of rebellion woven into the beards of the
Aresui. They wear them proudly & there have been murders among humans who have besmirched the honor too far among these alien beings.

1d20 Random Things Found

Among The Beards of Lady Dwarven Warriors
  1.  The finger bones of many unidentified kills & enemies taken in battle & various wars. Used for counting coup during warfare. 
  2. Caltrops for the type of warfare that she's seen but still usable. 
  3. The right pickled eyeballs of her foes 
  4. Jade bells that ring with each movement but capable of being tied back with easy for movement. 
  5. Deep One bones 
  6. Gems & semi precious diamonds denoting places of battle. 
  7. Bone disks carved with the places of battle, wars, & campaigns 
  8. Maps made from the carved pieces of fairy spines. 
  9. Clay grenades each capable of doing 1d4 damage but must be lit. 
  10. Cleric blessings from her clan & tribe. 
  11. 4 small musical whistles made from the pink bones of orc warriors 
  12. Two small daggers weighted & made to look like war campaign swords each denoting a nasty campaign. 
  13. Chain to nose made of rose gold denoting her statues as a 'free warrior' & adventurer for hire. 
  14. Nose to beard piercings denoting her statues as a head taker among her tribe & clan 
  15. Two pieces of onyx denoting her statues as an undead slayer among her kind. 
  16. A single almost moving piece of preserved finger bone from lich denoting her mortal enemy. She will automatically hire on in any adventure or campaign that 'she' is involved in. 
  17. A pickled tendril from an unknown monster woven into the beard denoting her status as monster slayer. 
  18.  A small flute that plays a tune of battle taken from the Dwarven chaos witch Azaela. She will not talk about it. But she is a slayer of chaos! 
  19. Two marbles carved with the heritage & history of her tribe & family. They appear as miniature volcanoes
  20. Two miniature witch compasses suspended in the brine of blood & urine from a Dwarf of chaos. She is a slayer chaos & enemy of all goblin kind. 

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