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A Free Mystic Bull DCC/OSR Resource /Adventure - The Tribe of Ogg and the Gift of Suss For Your DCC Campaigns

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So its a Sunday evening, and as per usual I've been getting into a bit more retroclone action, I've been quite surprised with the reaction of my commentary of 'Crawling Under A Broken Moon' issue #2. Today earlier I was messing around on G+ and noticed another free Dungeon Crawl Classics rpg resource from Mystic Bull Games. The plot is quite interesting and according to the back of the book goes something like this -
'You are a savage, eking out your existence on a the semi-frozen hills and plains of an ancient world. As if your life wasn’t hard enough, now the chief wants you and a handful of your buddies to traipse across the dangerous tundra, dodging cave lions, hyaenadons, and the odd mammoth, enter the Dread Forest (I’m sure they call it that because it’s a bright and sunny place), and find out what the great god Suss, Father of Morning, Noon and Dusk, has thrown onto the earth. The chief says it’s a gift. Right now, it seems like a curse. But, it burns out there, throwing up a column of smoke,and your tribe is counting on you!'
This is more then simply another 0 level adventure really, what it is actually is six four page adventure and source book on running cavemen through a pulp style adventure storyline with lots of opportunities including surprisingly elements Lovecrafian and bits of sci fi tales. This whole adventure's aim is take 0 level cavemen characters up to level one and then get the players into the mindset that this setting has at its core.
According to the designers and writer's website,'The Tribe of Ogg and the Gift of Suss is a free 0-level DCC-RPG module set in a prehistoric time. Stay tuned for more free prehistoric stuff, because Daniel's module, along with Michael Curtis' Frozen in Time inspired my home crew enough that I wrote out a fairly detailed cosmology, with patrons, spells, and a couple more adventures (other than Steading of the Nergalites...)'  Believe me it does this and more besides, this adventure introduces lots of cavemen resources and DCC friendly resources to the table in a both informative and playable way. This adventure does it with style and man The Tribe of Ogg and the Gift of Suss wears it pedigree quite well. Elements of this adventure site's,' the early works of Robert E. Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs’ The Eternal Savage, Caspek, and Pellucidar novels (longtime favorite authors in any event). He goes on to say, ' When I discovered the Manly Wade Wellman “Hok the Mighty” cycle, it became perfectly clear that DCC needed an adventure about cavemen.' While it certain does pull from those sources quite well I was reminded of the beginning of 2001 A Space Odyssey in the introduction of this module. Well that banished quite fast as you see the encounters take a left into their own world! The action is fast and the elements are quite refreshing for a O level encounter adventure. Look do me and yourself a favor go grab this one right now.

Something tells me your going to be see more resources from Mystic Bull Games because this pdf is packed with patrons for the setting, dimensional hazard tables, Appendixes for creating fantasy neolithic adventurers, tribesmen and more .Lots more and without giving away adventure elements this adventure does a damn fine job of creating a sense of  its own neolithic fantasy world and adventure setting. There's even an appendix for creating ooloi characters a small, tailed hominid racial PC class from the dawn of time.

So its a free product and where could you use The Tribe of Ogg and the Gift of Suss for besides as a zero level adventure? Well outside of the its intended use as a stand alone, I would use it as a resource for Venger Satanis's Island of Purple Putrescence to generate DCC time lost cave men characters and adventurers to add into games. Also being the lost world fanatic I would add about ninety percent of this material to just about any DCC game including my own campaigns that I've got cooking at the moment. I can honestly see this material as being some of the best free stuff to come down the pike in the last couple of months but with an as active community as DCC who knows what will be generated soon. But in the meantime I'd say to grab this one if you even have a passing interest in the Lost World themes. Because as a free resource this adventure has it going on in spades. Highly recommended for DM's and players of the DCC rpg.
But surely that can't be its only use?!? No, not at all. Say as a DM you want to create proto Morlocks or cavemen mutants for your post apocalyptic DCC style adventure. Well, The Tribe of Ogg and the Gift of Suss is a great addition for your 'Crawling Under A Broken Moon' or DYI post apocalyptic adventures, there's more then enough here to keep adventurers busy and the elements of the adventure could be used to expand and re purpose the events, elements, patrons and monsters to keep PC's in the wastelands busy for months at a clip. There's a ton here to generate and keep a group of players happy and weirded out with their Stone Age adventurer and don't worry there's enough meat to keep a campaign going for a very, very, long time.

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