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1d10 Random Mutations For The Children Of The Gods Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Often the powers beyond the ken of men send their agents and agencies among the people's of Accursed Atlantis but many have grown wise to the presence of these sons and daughters of the 'gods'. Adventurers and freebooters alike have grown skeptical to the powers and abilities of the children of the gods. Many times these  wandering fools and warriors find themselves among adventuring parties sometimes even  unawares of the lurking time bomb within their very flesh. These demi gods of destruction can and often do erupt in displays of incredible destruction! Here then are ten random mutations that might cause your PC's some weird situations of horror and headaches. Note that PC's having these powers and abilities are immune to them unless noted in the entries.

1d10 Random Mutations For The Children Of The Gods Table

  1. Berserk rages gain +4 to all damage rolls as your flesh roils with the coils of power and rage of the alien gods that rages in your mind and body. You must rest for 1d6 hours afterward. During these rages that last 1d4 rounds you can't tell friend from foe unless a successful charisma roll is made by some one near and dear to you to snap you out of the rage. 
  2. Acid shedding - The character's skin leaks a bio synesthetic acid to which they are immune but all around you everything you touch is damaged for 1d4 points each round. The acid burns with an alien violence and only with a wisdom roll can the PC control its weird properties. This stuff will be or must be shed three times per day. 
  3. Alien Fury - The character summons energies from beyond the pale even though they seemingly have no control over this alien storm of rage. There will be 1d4 lightning strikes around them as the spell and a radiation hazard as the very core of nature rolls with their unconscious fury. Only a successful wisdom check will reign in the violence of this ability. This ability must be and can only be used once every three days. The violence of it will temporarily drain the PC. 
  4. Hazy Shade - The PC's hands and flesh are surrounded by a nimbus of energy that gives off radiation but adds +3 to all hand to hand attacks. The energy causes fear as per the spell in all who see it. Usable three times per day but it must be used once a week or it will erupt from the flesh of the owner. 
  5. Child of Fire - The character is immune to fire in all forms but must bath in it or the elements will come to play with them once a week. The character's flesh wreath's itself in the stuff and all forms of it cleave to them as a puppy or pet. The character will be sought out by creatures from elemental planes of fire, smoke, and energy. The character must make a wisdom check to control these things, and charisma rolls to remain on good terms with these life forms. These abilities must be used once a day or the elements will conspire to make it the violence of these things happen. 
  6. Three times three - The character will assume the form of three animals and swap their characteristics for the creature but these will result in a mishmash of traits from the three. Wisdom rolls are required to keep these forms straight. Anyone seeing these mixed up shapes must be subject to a Fear spell because of the alien weirdness that accompanies them. Druids and nature friendly types will see the character as an outside influence and complications could result. Abilities are useable three times a day or involuntarily during the full moon. 
  7. Serpent's wisdom - The character takes on temporary aspects of an alien serpent life form from smell, to skin, to bite, but the price is that those around him fear and loath them. -2 on charisma. These changes are temporary and may indicate a heritage of the gods of wisdom or evil. Abilities are useable three times per day.
  8. Wisdom of the Gods - Three times per day the character may add + 3 wisdom points and gain an alien insight into a dire or disastrous situation for the betterment of others. The price of which is an increase  in fertility and  libedo but this can be directed in pursuits of knowledge and wisdom instead with a successful save. 
  9. Child of Space - The character's skin turns as black as pitch and they're bodies show with the void of the infinite, they gain the ability to do 1d4 points of cold and void damage per round to anything they touch. But the also gain the ability to sense shifts in dimensional gates and other worldly magick within a 3 mile radius around them.  The change is temporary and can only happen twice per day. The strain to cause the change will cause 2d6 points of damage to the character if pushed beyond the limits. 
  10. Center of the Storm- The character is the focus for chaos and horror within themselves and a telekinetic storm of incredible potential rages within their minds and souls once per day this can be unleashed upon the world around them in a thirty foot radius. Anything within a thirty foot radius will be lifted up and hurled into the air as the weird alien violence picks them up and tosses objects, people, etc around. Anything weighing more then 270 pounds is safe. A wisdom check is needed to bring this power back under control. During the full moon this storm must be unleashed or the character suffers 1d4 points of damage as the forces rage within their very souls. 


  1. Using this tonight in my Labyrinth Lord game which is slowly turning into a Mutant Future game!

  2. Sexcellent Andy, go for it!
    My advice Andy is to read the section on Mutants and Mazes in the Mutant Future rule book and check out the MF forums for more info.


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