Monday, August 10, 2015

Review and Commentary On Fish Wife Games Really Big Island Of Adventure! For Your Old School Campaigns

 While there are a bunch of free maps available out on the net, Fish Wife Games sent me this right when I needed it for my DCC rpg adventure night. And I was trying to emulate a certain brand of old school text style computer games from the early 80's which dove tailed in with old school AD&D style first edition adventures. And that's where Fish Wife Games Really Big Island Of Adventure! hits its sweet spot, this series of maps could conceivable contain just about anything that your twisted imaginations can conceive of.
This is a DM's product, no if or buts about it. This Really Big Island is meant to be used when you've got less then fifteen minutes to print off a section of what you need and to drop several encounters right into the back end of your campaigns. You can grab Really Big Island here
How you use this product is very simply, you've got the map already keyed and ready to print out. Simply write in your description around the presentation and then your ready to go. This product can fit a wide variety of genres and settings. Use it to drop in Really Big Island of Adventure  as a science fiction or science fantasy adventure encounter. Add in your favorite literary book by Jules Verne and populate the adventure locations with dangerous mega birds. This location can be used to house a wide variety of things from a post apocalyptic refuge to a dangerous and forbidden lost world location right next door for a Tales Of the Gold Monkey style pulp game. This is a very useful product that comes in well under budget as you can get for use as a system neutral resource.

At a dollar fifty this really is a nice and thrifty set of maps to use if , A. Your going to DYI your own setting, B. your not afraid to do a bit of OSR finger painting in the backdrop and you've got imagination to spare with a few free resources for your favorite rpg system.
Personally each and every time I look at the title and font of this cover I'm reminded of those old 80's men's magazine covers and keep seeing pulpy Indiana Jones and Tales of the Gold Monkey intro's music playing in my head. There are a ton of uses for Really Big Island of Adventure and I'm only scratching the surface here. There are several draw backs to the product however. This is a series of maps that are aimed squarely at the retro gamer market and these maps are solid in what they do. That is to emulate a certain look and feel of a bygone era of gaming. They've got infinite use within their margin of gaming however.
Using these maps is going to put your gamers in a certain mindset and that's a good thing for a DM who wants to stir the pot of this style of play however and these are very well done for the price point. My personal recommendation is to grab these and run with them.

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