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1d20 What The Border Winds Bring Random Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The winds of sex and death blow from the Hells across the face of the Beyond into Accursed Atlantis, these winds bring all manner of foulness and Chaos itself to the lands. Only mercenary armies of adventurers and freebooters stand before it and the utter ruination of kingdoms and city states. These winds bring death, change,transformation, and alien demons from the Outer Darkness by the score. Here then is a quick encounter chart of what the border winds bring for your campaigns and what is brought into what passes for the real world of accursed Atlantis.

1d20 Random What The Border Wind Bring Encounter Table
  1. A wet rain of damned souls and larva rain from the skies along with flesh rotting bacteria save vs death or take 1d4 points per round. There are pools of damned faces and flesh that will evaporate and slink back to the depths of the Beyond in 3d6 rounds as the sun burns away this corrosion. 
  2. 3d100 golden copper coins fall from the skies bringing with it chants and shouts of damned not only are you subject to the damage from the coins 2d6 points of it. But the shouts act as a Fear spell. 
  3. Huge swath of rotting alien flesh and meat fall from the skies as if some great beast's gore was cut by the planar winds. 1d20 rot grubs for each piece of alien flesh encountered and there are 1d200 pounds per square mile.
  4. A massive alien head of stone hurls for the ground only too gently settle into place mere feet above the ground. It regards its surroundings contently and then the insect goblins begin to pour fourth! 
  5. A rain of blood and bile pours from the sky lasting 2 rounds. The smell is terrible but mostly harmless. 
  6. 1d10 ghosts of change and chaos roar through the skies bringing with them mutation and horror. Save vs death or mutation or gain 1d4 major mutations. 
  7. Broken bits of metal fall harmlessly from the sky and evaporate as the sounds of battle and rage echo across the skies. 
  8. Swarms of flying monkeys with rainbow colored wings rage across the skies fighting angel like creatures. 1d4 will land nearby and rush your PC to attack, they will fight to the death. 
  9. A plague of bugs with human faces that mumble to each other, these mini demonic fiends tear & bite at flesh making the most horrid sounds imitating human speech. 
  10. The skies are filled with weird winds and the very clouds seem to form into alien humanoid shapes that mate and fornicate with each other. 2d4 rounds later alien demonic air element things will burst forth from the clouds. 
  11. 1d20 twisted demonic half things fall from the sky and land with twisted wings that unfold, use the stats for a vrock but these things have the faces of parrots and old politics twisted into horror beyond reckoning. 
  12. 1d20 swarms of bat faced rat things fall from the skies and hit the ground turning into golden flowers. The flowers are a potential contact poison however. 
  13. The sky turns purple, there is the sound of trumpets, and the shadows of angels then nothing! The skies return to normal in 2d4 rounds. There is a smell in the air of rotten perfume and stale air. 
  14. A light white powder falls from the sky and anyone caught by it is seized by feelings of over whelming lust. Strange round gray rubbery organic seeming objects will be found on the ground every 1d20 feet. They will smell of rubber and flesh, these things will seeming be alive and then begin to decay rapidly turning into a weird smoke in 1d4 rounds. 
  15. The skies will crack with thunder and sunlight will be visible, then there will a roaring as the clouds turn to strange phantasmal ghostlike forms of a  weird almost sexual innuendo style of aspect but there is a feeling of overwhelming loss and crippling sadness about these almost ghostly figures. The air will be filled with a strange vanilla like smell and on the ground there will be several strange alien look baby things things attached to plant like growth in the ground. 
  16. The air is filled with electricity and the local space time continuum is disrupted, there will be groups and pockets of strange cells of weird demonic old men growing from the ground and bound together with coils of semi living vines. These jelly like forms are the souls of the damned who are bound to the Outer Darkness. They have all of the immunities of the undead but an armor class of nine. They smell of old socks, regrets, and love ones past. They're eyes are pleading and beg for release. They will be gone in 1d4 rounds.  There are piles of odd trash and gold coins here and there. The vines will animate and attack dragging you down with these souls.
  17. The skies are filled with alien winged imps who are in the act of mating only to twist turn, and attack anyone with clawed range. They care some treasure and coins, but the ground around you is suddenly turned into planes of bones, rust, and jagged gore. 
  18. The skies turn red and the ground turns to quicksand and gore filled mud, odd lightning illuminates the sky and you must past a radiation check as weird energies echo in the thunder and lightning. 
  19. Time goes crazy as the sun and moon chase each other in a strange cosmic horror show of weirdness and strangeness! Lose 1d20 years off of your PC's life unless a save is made. 
  20. Weird echoes of voices and horror sound and the sky turns an angry purple green. Only 2d4 rounds later do you realize in horror that it is your own voice and you are caught within a time paradox! Welcome once again to your own nightmare.  

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