Sunday, August 16, 2015

Raising The Volume For The Dungeon Lord Raffle Metamorphis Alpha Rpg Hardback Raffle To Help James Ward Last Day!

So its the last day for the raffle for the Dungeon Lord Raffle Metamorphosis Alpha Rpg Hardback Raffle To Help James Ward. 
This is a gorgeous OSR hardback for a wonderful cause and you get to get on the base level for a wonderful game with a history stretching back decades with a ton of support for the man who wrote it and gave us a legacy of great science fantasy rpg  history.  For five dollars you've got a chance to get in on the action before its to late!
Right Over

That is a sweet looking hard back and this looks like a great cause for someone whom I admire and respect as an author as well as designer. I want to see James back on track doing what he loves and churning out more OSR and gaming goodness! So I'm raising the volume on this!

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