Friday, August 21, 2015

1d6 Random Adventurer Finds From The Wastelands Table For Your Old School Campaigns

With the propensity of adventurers and freebooters who die badly in the wastelands of accursed Atlantis, there are often miscellaneous items that get left behind. Some of these items might have best been left behind but we know PC's and how greedy they can get. A prime opportunity to insert an adventure hook or two into the mix.

1d6 Random Adventurer Finds From The Wastelands Table
  1. A backpack with 1d6 rations, a glowing small crystal goblet (fairy item), a +1 dagger stained with ichor, and half a set of thieves tools. The second half is twisted, broken, and acid scarred as well as pitted. They smell of peppermint and rancid olives. 
  2. You find half a leather boot, several piles of clothing midget sized, a torn in half spell book with 1d4 grey spells within, a strange mechanism ( alien geiger counter 'works'), and 1d100 gold coins scattered about. A +1 dagger 'cursed' named Weasel's Fangs is clutched in the mummified hand of a small man. A cloak near by burns nicely in the afternoon or evening sun. 
  3. A small wooden slip case contains a locked spell book named Homer Graves, the thing has an Earth bound imp bound within. It contains 1d10 gray and black spells of 4th and above. The imp may spit acid and has a very casuistic wit. 
  4. A grappling hook, a half eaten cheese sandwich, half a pouch of Hobbit weed along with a broken pipe mark the fallen spot where a small humanoid corpse burns in the evening's light. There are several 1d6 pieces of smoke covered jewelry nearby and a pair of six fingered gloves of spider climbing are still intact along with the hands of the humanoid within them. A laser pistol is nearby but only has 1d4 shots left. 
  5. This mangled corpse of a foul orc like humanoid has half a sword and blade impaled within his chest cavity. The corpse has three bags. Bag one contains half a dozen humanoid heads each of which is still alive and quite insane. There is a 10% chance that one of the heads is a wizard and might have a second level spell ready to go. The second bag contains a complete set of necromancer's tools and a spell book with 5th level black magick necromancer and animators spells. The third bag contains some very low quality barber's tools for surgical procedures. After 1d4 rounds the corpse will begin to smoke and will explode as a primitive bomb. Should the sword be pulled out this process will happen in two round. The corpse will explode for 3d6 points of damage to everything within a 20 foot radius around the corpse. 
  6. In the center of a burned out circular pattern of over 20 foot around in the shape of a demonic sigil is the mangled corpse of a humanoid flash frozen in wizard's robes. Around him are twelve  objects scattered within the circle. These include minor occult items, potions (burnt up), several vials of semi precious metal filings, a necklace with a strange and alien patron demon's name on it, a ring and gauntlet  with a series of slave chains on it, a broken staff of iron wood, a 1973 concert poster from Iron Butterfly with a black magick spell scrawled on the back, a series of magnifying lens (slightly flash frozen but perfectly good), ten minor occult rings made from cheap silver alloys, a crystal ball with an imprisoned imp within,  a minor demonic pact, and pack of potato snacks from an alien dimension.

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