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1d6 Random Ancient Wastelands Blades of Royality and Damnation Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Kingdoms have been have gone to war, they are the instruments of kings, their magick is undeniable, these are the swords of Accursed Atlantis.  They are very tools of war and  mayhem that have brought men to their knees and their heads from their shoulders. These weapons are handcrafted works of art, while others are grown from the brows of demons or worse. On occasion these weapons surface out in the wastelands and other places of damnation. Here are six examples of the sword makers are that are beyond the riches of kings and emperors alike.
1d6 Random Ancient Wastelands Blades of Royality and Damnation Table
 1. Ugarugosthog The Sweat From The Brow Of The God Leader - This blade was forged from the between the thighs of the queen of the evil fire elementals as she conceived her son. The blade flares with elemental energies and shines with the firey heart of its elemental father. The +2 flaming sword that will burst into flaring glory when its removed from Atlantian dragon skin sheath. This blade hungers for the flesh of demons after it was used to kill the third guardian prince of the sub realm of Quith on the seventh plane of Fal. The blade can create a sheet of burning elemental fire every new moon, the fire can turn zombies and others of that tribe to dust when they are exposed it. The blade weaves itself into the lives of those who find it until it finds the hand of a true prince of Atlantis, it blade cuts a swath of murder and mayhem where it goes. The blade is knows the hands of master and was last seen in the wastelands when it was used against the Grey Walker Lords and their undead minions. It has been lost for centuries.
2. Mephazsthurh - Grown from the brow of the trapped demon prince Vex Trusthus, this blade is partially organic and bio horror metal and drips with the blood of its demon parent. The blade is a +1 weapon but its organic acid adds an additional 3 points for every strike. It seeks out the those with alliances to Chaos and horror. The blade was last seen buired in the chest of the alien lich king Olailarart after his palace was covered by the shifting sands of Kor. 
3. I'phothas The Blade of  The Princess - This blade has been lost to the deep dreaming for centuries, the blade is the soul of ancient prophetess/princess of a kingdom that has yet to be. The blade is forged from the dream stuff of ancient wizards, those who are hit by it get a +1 blade. But the curse of I'phothas comes to call in 1d4 rounds as they fade from existence and are absorbed by the deepest and blackest nightmares their souls devoured by dream demons. The blade changes to the dreams of the owner as it is called from the depths of the subconscious of inhumanity. 
4. Pharngogoth The Engorged Blade - This blade has been forged from the limbs of an alien demon god, the blade is a +2 weapon and allows its owner to cut the soul of its target to pieces while the physical body suffers. The victim of this roll must save vs death or be wracked and warped as rarefied pain of the most inhuman type effects each and every nerve in their bodies. Their nerves misfire and they feel as if they wish to die. They cannot for this blade cuts them from the gift of Death's kiss. The blade was left in the body of the half demon prince Ten-degglh high upon the dust planes of Drtu'isu. Demons will not attack the owner of this blade as they are cursed with the royalty of Hell. This curse insures their place in the Abyss.
5. Zhactsa of Zsthoth - This blade was forged upon the spine of the dead god Yog-cho whose bones made the material of its creation and whose blood cleansed it and cooled it. The blade burns with a dark color and cold that only elves and alien humans may wield. The blade changes with the dreaming chaos of Elven soul colors and is a +2 weapon but those hit by it sprout alien plants and life forms as their souls become the fodder for the weapon's spawn. Those hit must save vs death or sprout out in a plethora of alien plants and fey spawn. The weapon lays in the deepest parts of the Accursed Atlantis and has not been seen in centuries. It is the soul of some ancient wasteland paradise oasis known only to certain ancient tribes. 
6.  Pharngogoth The Blade of Damnation  - This blade has been created from the souls of damned hell bound and twisted into a blade of insanity bound to the edge of a boundary of hazy half life. The blade is a +1 weapon but can cut the silver cord of half mortals. When this is done the blade's victim must save vs death or remain in a state of half life. They must follow the commands of the blade's owner and can not die except by violence most go mad long before then. The blade's owner may kill them with a thought at any time. The blade resides within a long lost wasteland oasis mansion that has tempted many fools to ruin and Hell. The sword is still tempting fools even to this day.

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