Wednesday, August 5, 2015

1d10 Random Mercenary Armies of The Wastelands Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

When wasteland warlords are recruiting mutants, mad men, and warriors from the dry ocean bottoms they draw upon the army guilds of warriors who fight for those who pay the most coin, offer the most danger, and pay on time. These freebooters are well versed in the violence, danger, and combat that is common to the wastes. These madmen have carved out their own niches within the wastelands, here are some of the more commonly encountered armies within the wastes by adventurers!

Payments of gold, slaves, resources, and relics are all common coin of the realm to hire the services of such mutant and wastelander scum as these.

1d10 Random Mercenary Armies of The WastelandsEncounter Table
  1. 1d30 war werewolves from the lower Pacific basin, up from their ancient homelands with a reason to prove themselves as expert trackers and immune to many spells and magick. A group of very dangerous beings. 5th level fighters and werewolves 
  2. The Brain Collective - a group of expert killers and psychics with 1d8 mental mutations, the folks love to make their target's heads explode. 
  3. A gang of 1d40+5 rodeo car warriors looking to prove themselves, they are very dangerous and quite capable madmen. 
  4. An ancient hoard of undead warriors has been uncovered by a recent sand storm, the boys are we itching for a fight and are looking for likely targets. 1d40 +10 undead horrors.
  5. An ancient dragon is in charge of 1d100 mutant  warriors of weird aspect and he is willing to lend his personal army of 4th level fighters out to the highest bidder. 
  6. An ancient alien warlord has 1d100 cloned warriors with 1d4 mutations are on their way to their current employer. 
  7. A small herd of mutant cyborgs and half elves are on their way to their next employer but these 3rd level fighters have heard disturbing rumors about themselves. They will shoot the next fool who mentions these rumors. 
  8. A gang of very angry half demon warriors from one of the lesser planes of the 6th darkness who are armed with fire arms and the magick of their home plane. They are 3rd level fighters and well heeled. 
  9. A band of later Deep wastes things, these warriors constantly change shape. They are 4th level fighters and dangerous horrors from beyond the pale. They have energy weapons. 
  10. A small army of faceless mutants from the deep wastes who are seeking employment. They have a 7th level wizard and their 2nd level fighters can teleport and fight. There are 1d30 +20 armed with energy weapons.


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  2. Fantastic, I hope you find it useful! Cheers Ryan! Thanks for the comment and more coming up!


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