Saturday, August 29, 2015

1d6 Random Lovecraftian Trail & Deep Wasteland Shrines Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

 In the remote and hidden corners of the wastelands are small seemingly incurious shrines to ancient and deadly half forgotten alien deities that adventurers and freebooters run into. These places are the centers for small cells and cults of worshipers of things best not described. But many foolish or simply stupid adventurers see these places as yet another opportunity to make a profit by plundering the treasures, offerings, and items of these places but they are seldom unguarded. There is a 60% chance or better that these places are cursed or guarded by some ancient and horrid Lovecraftian demon or monster. Here then are 1d6 Lovecraftian Trail & deep wasteland shrines to cause mayhem and misery among your adventuring parties.

1d5 Random Lovecraftian Trail & Deep Wasteland  Shrines Encounter Table
  1. A shrine of neatly stacked semi human, humanoid, alien skulls stands next to a very, very old stone carved alter with a pile of rotting human organs and a fist sized diamond upon the top of the pile of rotting waste. The jewel is worth at least 20,000 gold pieces but an ancient tendrilled demon of Oxo'rurthu The Wanderer stands guard over this place in the form of ancient statue it will spring to life in a heart beat. 
  2. There are eighteen standing stones in a circle off of the beaten trail, the stones watch over a statue of some ancient Lovecraftian horror. There is a pile of gold in the middle of the standing stones and over 100000 gold pieces. Anyone going to steal the gold will receive a fast acting flesh rotting diseases and as they desiccate apart the demon will come to life and rip off the face of a PC. 
  3. This ancient shrine is made from the decaying body of a crash landed alien sitting upon a throne and surrounded by the fingers of numerous peoples. The body will spring to life at a moment's notice and attempt to bite one PC and infect them with ghoul rot. He has in his hand a 80 carat precious stone and will attempt to gift it to one of the PC's. 
  4. A group of weird statues stands guard over a bucket of semi precious raw emeralds, the statues each have separate stone food and drink. Anyone messing with the emeralds will be attacked by a flock of  Shantaks  and the god king statues will animate in 1d4 rounds to feast on the souls of any remaining PC's. 
  5. This metal, steel, and glass shrine is dedicated to the Outer Gods and is watched over by a mute and seemingly immortal guardian. The shrine's structure sings with cosmic vibrations and weird energies. There is a 70% chance of one of the PC's developing a dangerous mutation unless a saving throw is made. 
  6. This ancient granite site and shrine is sacred  to Cthulhu for below the surface sleeps an ancient Star Spawn of Cthulhu waiting for the stars to be right. A cult watches over the place and will summon a type VI demon to deal with any interlopers. There are 1d100 jewels scattered about the place.   

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