Wednesday, August 12, 2015

1d6 Random Mundane Treasures From Beyond The Pale Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Here are a few odd treasures and trinkets that your adventurers can run into the wastelands of Accursed Atlantis. These are fabulous items from other places and times beyond that Pale that while they might seem magickal are actually very mundane. None the less to the right collectors or wizards these things might still have value.
1d6 Random Mundane Treasures From Beyond The Pale Table 

  1. A scared scarab pendant of ivory and a wonderfully worked blue stone, the pendant is inscribed with hundreds of small bits and symbols of renewal. The thing may be magick or may not be but the workmanship is incredibly intricate. 8000 gold pieces to the right collector of antiquities. 
  2. Wax table inscribed with the poem of the seventh son of the seventh son parable. The allegory is sacred to certain groups of wizards and thieves. Fetches 300 gold pieces because of the workmanship and beautiful artwork inscribed on the brass casing.
  3. Gold ring with a highly carved garnet that bears the crest of a once proud family of aristocrats now lost to history. The jewel seems to glow with unnatural light but its fire comes from the long and proud history that has been lost to time. People are drawn to it but don't know why or what hold it has over them. Worth 2000 gold pieces and a jeweler will pay top dollar for it but their not sure why. 
  4. An ancient oil painting and gold filled frame, the painting depicts a perfect day in pitch, weather, and subject matter. There will be men lined up to buy the thing but they can't tell you why and yet there are those who say the thing is even because it shows a place that can't exist. 10000 gold pieces for this wonderful work of art but no one can say why it means so much to them. 
  5. A sacred vessel and vase carved from a single ruby of incredible delicate aspect. The thing seems to show ancient truths and legends in its depths. Those who seek this vessel seem to come to a perfectly dreadful demise. 3000 gold pieces and the curse will seem to stalk the new owner of this item. 
  6. A bust of some ancient and malevolent god of antiquity but its is actually an almost modern piece that has been carved with soap stone with flecks of unknown bits of silver and other weird metals. The gods are drawn to this ancient piece of mythology come to life. Yet no cult or religious leader will come forth to claim this item. 5000 gold pieces to a buyer who can't explain why he's drawn to it.

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