Saturday, August 29, 2015

Raising The Volume On The Stefan Poag Original Art Raffle for Jim Ward! And The Metamorphosis Alpha: Epsilon City Kickstarter

So there's this great piece of art being auctioned off from the Metamorphosis Alpha and DCC RPG artist +Stefan Poag. from the Dungeon Lord site for James Ward's medical bills. And if you don't think that these contributions are making a difference  according to Mr.Ward's Facebook page -
'The first GOFUNDME check arrived and Janean and I turned it right around and paid some really nasty bills. Bless you all for your donations on my behalf.
The Epsilon City Kickstarter ends in 3 days. We have a number of great authors helping me with the project. I got Joseph to put dice on the list so that I can have a new bag of dice and you all can get a great deal on purchasing a block of specific MA dice. I only have one project left to write and I'm sure I can get that done by the December 1 deadline. Thank you all for getting into that kickstarter.
I truly appreciate all the support I get from you all.'

Which brings me to the Epislon City Kickstarter , the fact is that the Kickstarter looks pretty damn cool and its got some damn nice stuff in it. I'm also enjoying the fact that its for Dungeon Crawl Classics and Mutant Crawl Classics as well. Personally I would get on board now before the time runs out. By the way I'm not getting anything out of this except for the fact that I enjoy James work and I wish to see him in the best possible health to continue the great stuff for Metamorphis Alpha's DCC version. 

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