Sunday, August 30, 2015

Raid On The Baikonur Cosmodrome - Black Market Inc. & Islands In The Stream Campaign Prequel Adventure - A DCC Rpg Actual Play Event Part II

  So I got call in last minute again last night at nine PM for my Islands In The Stream campaign prequel last night. It was well interesting and thank God for Crawling Under A Broken Moon #4 
& Issue #7

  So last night my band of hearty 80's style mercenaries from Black Market Inc. 
were exploring the lower levels of the  The Baikonur Cosmodrome under vaults. They had escaped the invisible alien horrors of the Kazakhstan wastelands by running away and screaming like little girls then locking the doors behind them into the vaults below the complex.Where certain death awaited them, just kidding actually I'm not. The PC's made it down to level 2 after a series of running fire fights and issues with one of the Discarded 'large' cybernetic horrors  from Crawling Under A Broken Moon issue seven.
The party recovered a number of minor relics and artifacts from the two upper levels but the lack of monsters made them very nervous.They know my dungeons and how I like to place the horrors.

One one of the wizards cast a fire ball and missed his roll nearly frying the rest of the party and immolating himself and his relics that his patron Kizz was laughing his behind off as his injury. The rest of the party took an elevator down to the next level and encountered 'Fatties' Mutant horrors from the cult classic 'Space Hunter Adventures In The Forbidden Zone'
And this is where we left our adventurers for today stuck up to their necks in 'Fatties'! These guys are actually some of the original Baikonur Cosmodrome crew mutated into over stuffed rolling horrors of deadly aspect.

What the adventurers don't know is that below them awaits a nasty piece of Benefactor technology. Here's where the crawling under a Broken Moon Issue #4 comes in very handy. This issue contains the object as patron article and highlights the fact that certain artifacts and A.I.'s can become a patron to a wizard. In this case the half baked wizard whose been rejected by his own patron.

The Benefactor technology artifact  of incredible aspect of Order awaits to drain and suck the energy as well as life force of all who venture down into the depths of the ruins!  There are the mini Kronos units running around in on level four. More to come as it develops!

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