Tuesday, August 4, 2015

1d6 Random Border Realm Creatures Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Working their way between the borders of dream and death in the Beyond are creatures that partially demon and made up from the souls of those who have passed far into the furthest reaches of  Pale. These horrors ply the border realms searching for victims and others they can violate, enslave, and trade to far darker powers for the chance to perhaps once again be human or regain the comfort of something resembling humanity. Such fates are often denied to these thrice damned and demented foils for far more dangerous powers. Many times these horrors are seventh level or better wizards who are sporting extreme mutations or alterations picked up in the border realms. 
The border realms serve as short cuts and jump points across the myriad of heavens, Hells, and portals across the Outer Darkness to reach worlds that are a part of the ancient and decaying interstellar empires of humanity. Many of these examples of sub humanity and abhuman corruption have made allegiance with the powers of Chaos and Horror long ago.

1d10 Random Border Realm Creatures Encounter Table
  1. A twisted yellow green snake of a tape worm wizard thing with the face of a middle aged doctor, this once man longs to regain his shape and humanity but his demonic patron requires a soul as pure as water that flows from mountain streams. He is a fifth level wizard and has 1d4 spells ready to go. Cunning, dangerous, and completely amoral. Deals in slaves, drugs, and spells.
  2. Partially arachnid and undead pig thing with a subhuman face, Cerusa was once a priestess of Troy but has been trapped her for thousands of years. She requires a body and mind, as a sixth level occultist she has the spell of body jumping but each time the body decays and mutates from under her. 
  3. Imagine a mating of a weird bio organic machine and the body of an athletic hero of old and you will partially understand the horror that is this being. He has the eyes of a fly demon and tendrils have replaced his hair. He has no name but answers in common to a variate of names. His home plane was scrubbed clean eons ago by the forces of Chaos. He seeks a soul of a wizard to torment and then possess but he is not sure how so he keeps killing anyways seeking the answers in the entrails of others. 
  4. Combala the Ancient Thing -An ancient ghost of a long disposed ruler who has become a host to thousands of his subject's souls, he sold his soul to a demon in the hopes that a restoration of his kingdom is in the works, he seeks a witch and virgin knight to bargain with his patron for a return to power and humanity. His ectoplasm writhes with the pain and anger of his subjects. Promises arcane secrets for bargains of power. 1d6 spells at his disposal 6th level and higher.
  5. Protoplasmic seemingly mindless mess of a damned soul who is actually a cunning wizard called The Walking One, he has a good amount of his wisdom and power in tact. He is an eight level wizard of dark aspect who hunts and swallows the souls of his prey. He bargains with relics and artifacts of power in return for boons of an uncertain nature.  8th level wizard and 5th level warrior with shape shifting abilities. 
  6. Thumba The Ageless Terror - A damned soul whose patron demon is sewn into half of his body and the other half is a sexless, humanless thing of incredibly mutated horror. Hunts the realms and byways for souls and bodies to trade for. Very dangerous +2 on all damage, 8th level wizard with 1d4 spells ready to go.

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