Tuesday, August 25, 2015

1d6 Random Parts Left By The Gods Table For Your Old School Campaigns


When the Celestial battles take place over the skies of Accursed Atlantis and the hurled down flesh of the gods falls to the accursed Earth, there are those foolish mercenaries, freebooters, and idiots who go into the wastes to collect these items with little concern that such treasures come with terrible prices. The ground seeps in the blood of the gods and chaos reigns around the landscape when these horrors fall from the skies. Battles are fought across the stars and the deeds of the mighty are reflected by them but for the ordinary wasteland dweller these battles mean far different things.

1d6 Random Parts Left By The Gods

  1. The terrible eye ball of a god thing that grants visions of the future but creates nightmarish visions of battles with Lovecraftian horrors from beyond the pale every new moon. The thing is worth thousands of gold pieces to the right wizard but PC's will most likely be murdered for it. The eye is the size of a medicine ball in reality and should a necromancer get a hold of it the results could be very dangerous. The eye drips with ichor that grants 1d4 insanity inducing visions of seven possible futures. Animals exposed to the eye will gain cyclop's mutations and there is a 20% chance of gaining optic blasts. 
  2. A giant creeping hand of incredibly destructive aspect, this thing will animate and destroy anyone near it. A 10 hit dice monster with a armor class of 6 and no mind whatsoever this dead god flesh will crawl and destroy whatever it can get a hold of. There is a 600 foot radius area around it where the ground has seeped with dark green black reddish ichor and mutant animals have begun to prowl for more power of the blood. The soil is worth 4000 gold pieces but the hand must be destroyed for the good of all.
  3. A giant clawed nail of some demonic horror drips with incredible poison, there are giant scorpions, snakes, and spiders in the area. The claw can be used to summon 1d8 random demons of insane & chaotic aspect. The claw is the size of a small horse and weights almost a ton. Wizards will say that this claw is from the smallest claw of a major demon. Characters within a 20 foot radius of the claw for 1d4 rounds must save vs poison or mutate with a few rounds.
  4. This giant demon serpent's tongue is over three hundred pounds and has weird qualities, there are hundreds if not thousands of minor demonic serpents crawling away from the thing. It drips with mutational goo and slime. There are 1d8 slime life forms that are being birthed from it as you watch. There will be 1d6 serpent zombie things who used to be residents of the area around the thing. It is priceless as a weapon of mass destruction to one of the local city states but anyone coming within 60 feet of the thing for 1d6 rounds will have to save vs device if they don't wish to mutate. The thing was part of an ancient bio engineered weapon system belonging to an alien god prince. 
  5. The partially decayed skull of some ancient alien god warrior, this thing drips with zombie virus and already there are 1d30 zombie worshipers mindlessly worshiping the thing. They will eventually build a shrine to it but for now it shoots out a ray every 1d6 hours into the sky to call its brothers to it. There are 1d4 minor treasures around it. Necromancers would pay handsomely for it. But it has ruined the aquifer in the area with its corruption. 
  6. A wolf demon thing's skull belonging to some ancient and alien giant beast, it brings with it the curse of the lycanthrope and has infected all of the land around it. There are 1d6 were wolves in the area of a most evil aspect and a cult has heard the thing's call. Bits of ancient silver binds are scattered around and may be gathered to create a slayer's sword. The thing births out the shape changer virus to any within a 30 foot radius of the thing. This skull is a sacred object to certain cults but there are god warriors on the way to destroy.

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