Friday, August 14, 2015

Black Market Inc. & Islands In The Stream Campaign Mini Adventure - A DCC Rpg Actual Play Event

What happens when a dungeon  master gets called in last minute for a game of Dungeon Crawl Classics? You dust off some old notes and dive right into the deep end of the game! So here's the episode with lots of new material coming out!

So after yesterday's entry on The Gong Farmer's Almanac2015, I got a phone call from my friend Steve whose been coming back to the Litchfield Hills with his brothers to take care of their mom whose had a bad turn. They come in on a bi weekly schedule due to their jobs and such. So I've got a built in set of players for infrequent games. That's the problem actually the scheduling for gaming but not too big of a deal. So I've got three or maybe four hours to throw something together. They want a DCC rpg game and want it along the means of a psychotronic 80's cheese fest. Crawling Under A Broken Moon offers me something along the lines I was looking for. But I turned the post apocalyptic vibe way down and up the 80's video rental Beta Max vibe up to eleven. So I was dusting off some notes about 'High Tech Mysticism and High Caliber Adventures' this is a mix of pulpy post apocalyptic goodness and 80's video rental Beta Max/VHS adventures. In the future two multi international corporations the American multinational corporation NTI & the rival German multinational Richter Dynamics control exploration of not only space but have branched into the realm of inter dimensional exploration and time travel. Outfits of adventurers and freebooters like Black Market Inc. are brought in, these are teams of mercenaries and dimensional travelers who risk all to explore and deal with high risk artifacts and relics. Risking anything and all to bring back alien cargoes, high tech relics, and occult treasures of incredible potential! A team was dispatched in a small prop plane and the games began.

Note that the funnel was a hell funnel which begins with 0 level characters from across time and space being put through a time warp meat grinder of minor encounters to test the mettle of the PC's.

Because this is low murmuring post apocalyptic style of pulpy game many of the usual types of  DCC PC's are reversed and dealt with. We also had a few jail house riots and lost world inter dimensional horror funnels.
 Cain who was a a retriever and expert at scavenging ie thief 
'Draft' hit man and expert fighter - fighter
Gonz - Hitman/ mercenary/pilot/ river rat - assassin /pilot 
Corey The Amazing occultist & former pusher of illicit substances who was the psi scout of the party - wizard
Goz The Brutal - last survivor of the land bridge clan and prince - cleric (patron savage bear)
Shana Jungle Princess - last Elven princess of the Hand of Zegula/expert in jungle survival - Elf
For black powder and modern fire arms I used the Crawling Under A Broken Moon zine and some house rules.

The Mission
All of time and space splits across itself as a bubble of pure energy rips across the blackness of the night and other lands enter our world. Brave men and women from across the bounds of the universe risk all to plunder a world of the lost for its greatest treasures.
Recently a time space bubble opened up in the Pacific Ocean and a team was dispatched to take care of it. Who knows what adventures await on the lost world series of islands? Oddly there was a weird  purple sheen to a series of rather large islands further out and this caused much concern among these players. But those are going to be explored another day. The ride in was bumpy and dangerous, the party had its first encounter with a mutated  dinosaur or two straight out of the gate and almost got their heads handed to them by the laser blasting horror.

Then as quick series of encounters with Sulu Sea pirates really give the players a turn, they weren't expecting these time lost pirates to be as dangerous and horrid as they were. Now with the encounter over their ready to plum more of the mysteries of these hellish islands.

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