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1d6 Random Wasteland Warrior Corpses Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Adventurers,cut throats, scum of the wastelands and outlaws are often recruited to the armies of the wastelands. These warrior's corpses are sometimes claimed by the sands and wastelands themselves after the conflicts that they were hired for. Wind, and weather often uncover these corpses which can sometimes animate from the weird and dangerous radiations of the wastelands as intelligent  zombie warriors  (Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Referee Guide page 111) but add in a 20% chance of a primitive laser pistol or a simple blaster Damage 1d6 x 2, range 50 feet, charges 10, note that there is a 60% chance of the relic breaking or exploding for 2d6 points of damage to everyone in a 70 foot radius as the energy cells are very unstable due to being exposed to the elements. Many times local tribes will not pick these corpses clean because of they are viewed as taboo by local tribes who have learned the hard way about the nature of some of these horrors.
1d6 Random Warrior Corpses Encounter Table
  1. The spine and helmet of this warrior's powered scout armor is cracked in two places but his super science sword is still intact. The blaster he carries is sketchy looking at best and in bad need of repair. He carries a hologram amulet of some ancient king from legend worth 300 gold pieces and a nice watch that amazingly still works. The rest of his skull is a ruin and part of his lower jaw is missing still he looks to almost be able to stand and spring on his prey. 
  2. This warrior's armor looks out of place and seems to be made in the style of ancient Rome yet he has a +2 vibro sword at his side and a power square shield at his side. His chest plate has an arrow through it and he has an Atlantian siget ring on his hand. The face is amazingly well preserved but there is black goo coming from the eye sockets which if touch could cause mummies rot. 
  3. This black sheathed warrior has armor from head to toe in the style of an ancient Greece, at his side are several broken arrows scattered  around the corpse. There is a working blaster at his side and a powered sword +1 named Gallows humor in hand. Both weapons will explode for 3d6 points of damage in a twenty foot radius unless a special safety switch is deployed. There are 13 pieces of silver in a small bag on his belt and the name of several brothels in Atlantis on his side. The power cell for the armor is leaking and those coming with 40 feet of the armor must make a radiation check or save or take 1d4 points of damage per round. The cell leak can be sealed with click of a control panel on the wrist of the armor. 
  4. This ancient armored alien warrior has the skull of a robot by his side and is covered from head to toe in broken plastic power armor. There are 1d4 parts that are worth a cool 500 gold pieces to the right collector but there is a 30% chance of anyone handling the armor may get a strange disease. The sidearm and weird bladed weapons are missing. There are 1d6 alien coins scattered around the corpse. Someone has taken a hammer or other heavy weapon to the bones of the skeleton though. 
  5. A strange crystal corpse of some alien life form has been shattered, they are worth 1000 gold pieces to the right wizard or collector but a strange armored bounty hunter will begin stalking the finder of this corpse and try to murder them. There are three weird mechanisms near the corpse as well their function is unknown. 
  6. Armored warrior of the 'Pure' one of the most reviled warriors of the wasteland's powered plate.Laser pistol 1d4 charges left, chest plate cracked in half, the leg has twelve arrows sticking out of it. The warrior was 6th level fighter in life, and in unlife he hasn't lost any of his resolve. He will spring to life in 1d4 rounds armed with a +1 long sword called Mutant Killer. The sword can for 1d6 negate mutations or magick energies with a 20% chance of delaying or even canceling spells. There is enough brain matter that within 1d6 weeks of feeding upon the living this warrior will begin stalking anyone who disturbs his resting place.

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