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Free OSR Saturday Comic Book Resource - Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #17 For Your Old School Campaigns

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Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds was a great Charlton Comics title that had a few twists and turns to it. Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds was one of the most successful science fiction titles of the 1950s and ’60s, and was one of the highlights of the Charlton publishing enterprise. The stories were the standard horror/suspense fare found in most similar titles, with shock endings, creepy characters, and a strong undercurrent of pulp-style fantasy and adventure.What made Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds stand out was the astonishing artwork of Steve Ditko, whose mastery in depicting weird, shadowy worlds and turning magic into a tangible, physical presence on the page was at its absolute peak. Ditko’s virtuoso style could gloss over pedestrian storytelling and single-handedly carry the title through most of its early run. I chose this issue of Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #17 for a few reasons, one the artwork is top drawer.
  The first story in this issue features a pretty interesting character named Mr.Nuss who would make an excellent NPC from the story 'The Stranger". Here we get bits and pieces of Mr. Nuss a stranger who befriends a young character and shares certain traits,etc. Nus of course is far more then he appears to be and makes an excellent NPC for a party of adventurers to run into. 
Next up is the Negative Way, a piece on some very special glasses that allow one to peer into realms no man or woman should see and be subject  to the truly terrifying piece and ripe for mining and plundering for adventure backgrounds and idea, 
The Strange Island is a perfect place that allows the owners to key the strong lost world vibe echoing throughout the story. 
The story has some extra elements that dove tail right into the middle of this issue and suggest that familiar beat and  go down the post alien invasion plans of some rather strange and dangerous creature and the owner seem to be. There are several place where this issue would work perfectly as a jump off point for a  mini campaign.

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