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1d6 Random Women Warriors & Mercenary Companies Of The Wastelands Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

   They are some of the most dangerous as competent adventurers and warriors PC might encounter in the wastelands of accursed Atlantis. Many are disenfranchised survivors and wanderers, others are outcasts from their tribes. Still they come together out of a sense of sisterhood, a love of violence or greed few can say but these ladies are almost always second level fighters and above. They often have a signature weapon style or device that they use. Often these ladies know more about wasteland survival then many of their male counterparts and are some of the most competent adventurers out in the wastes. There is a 15% chance of these mercenaries having a relic or artifact weapon among them.  Here are 1d6 random women warriors & mercenary companies.
1d6 Random Women Warriors & Mercenary Companies
Of The Wastelands Encounter Table
  1. The Sisters of Varona The Many Armed Goddess - These warriors are made up from the survivors of armed attacks and ransacking of mutant barbarian tribes. These survivors are given a purpose in life and trained in the use of relic technologies on the battlefield. They most often use archaic energy weapons and have a passion for taking enemies heads as trophies. They often fight for underdog causes and are often hired to protect temples and religious shrines. The sisters have been accused of taking treasures and relics from freebooters and adventurers whom they find as easy marks. 
  2. Brilhem's Daughters - These mercenaries work for the highest bidder but often work to uncover cults of androids and other cybernetic organisms from within societies. They hate these beings with a passion after their order's founder was murdered by an android of incredible evil. So they take jobs to move under cover of pretense to grow bold on foreign soil to root out these evils. They have a marked preference for energy weapons capable of taking out mechanical or electronic systems.
  3. The Sisterhood  of Bright Helm- These mercenaries have been founded according to the ancient tenets laid down on the Bright Helm Saturday morning cartoon show. The cult recruits young girls between the ages of 9 through 13, who are then trained in the ways of the show's method of warfare against the dangerous cyborgs and mutant raiders. Just as they do in the children's pre-apocalyptic television show. The cult has a marked preference for vibro blades and energy shields. 
  4. The Sisters of Spoils - Recruited from across the wastelands, the sisters of fighters and scavengers. They are interested in relics and artifact technologies from across the wastes and claiming those powers for themselves. They have a reputation for honor and deadly efficient in getting their kills done.They often can be seen on their rather common wasteland motor bikes. 
  5. Twisted Ones - These mercenaries are  the very top of the line in stealth and infiltration. They often work from within the enemies presence, they demand a tenth of all loot saved from bunkers,ruins, and others. They have a marked preference for taking the heads of enemies to show off their conquests in battle. The Twisted Ones ride into battle on strange mechanical cybernetic entities. 
  6. The Silent Walkers - These lady warriors are professionals through and through. They often work with wizards, and other magick workers to take over existing lands. The silent walkers move behind the scenes looking for the violence and excitement that battle provides. They work on hover bikes and speeders covering wide swaths of turf from the comfort of their vehicles. These ladies often send spies and scouts into communities looking for specific pieces of technologies and abilities among some of the other villagers don't have. The Silent Ones are always on the look for certain mutant species that can be valuable for raiding later on.


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